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Life on Mars Flashfiction

We're having 'oops...

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This community has been modelled on the wonderful ds_flashfiction community.

The idea is to get as much Life on Mars fiction out there as possible, in a situation which will cause little angst (at least for the writer - Sam can suffer as much as you like.)


There will be a challenge issued every two weeks. A typical challenge might be "The Shoe Challenge - Write about shoes! Gene's shoes. Ray's shoes. The shoes might be vital evidence for a murder." Suggestions for challenges are more than welcome.

There is no minimum nor maximum word length. Post drabbles! I, personally, love them. Post epics, as long as you do it within the 2 weeks the challenge has been issued. You can post more than one entry to a challenge. You don't have to post an entry to every challenge, just pick and choose what suits you.

Everything will be memorised and tagged.

Types of Fic Allowed:

Het, slash, gen, crossovers, character pieces, all dialogue, all description, all of it! Just make sure you use appropriate ratings and warnings.

Ratings shall be as follows (the cortina rating system as shamelessly stolen from starlaces at lifein1973 here);

G - White Cortina
This rating describes fic fit for kiddies, simple, easy on the eye. The type of story where the characters might get a kiss at the end of it, but only in the most disney-esque setting... to the extent that anything set in a universe where people drink a lot, smoke a lot and beat each other up a lot could be thought of as disney-esque.

PG - Green Cortina
This rating describes the next level up from child-reading fic. This is probably suitable for teens around thirteen onwards, though it depends on the maturity of the teens. It might feature a quick kiss, grope, cuddle, and in more prominence than the white cortina, but nothing which a normal, well adjusted thirteen year old would take umbrage at. Mild swearing and the occasional thump may also be included.

M15+ - Blue Cortina
Here, allusions to nice, sweet, mutually fulfilling sex appears. The inclusion of more explicit description, swear words and a bit more bouncing off the wall is catered for. This type of story is suitable for people over the age of 15.

R/NC-17 - Brown Cortina
Smutty hardcore happy shagging. The feel good PWP comes under this type of cortina as does abduction/torture (I would say mild torture, but I'm not sure thats two words that can go together - grabbing them and beating them stuff basically), kink is mild and fluffy, more silk scarves and feathers rather than bloodplay and auto-erotic asphyxiation. Happy dirty explicit porn and suchlike! Suitable for 18 and over.

R/NC-17 - Red Cortina - Fics which will need liberal warnings.
Disturbing, rape fic, hardcore kinks, hardcore language, twisted and upsetting scenarios. Dark and Deviant. Suitable for people over the age of 18 who like that sort of thing.

Definitely warn for rape, character death and situations involving BDSM in your notes (as well as the rating).


The subject of the post should contain the challenge and the author's name. For example, if I were writing for The Shoe Challenge I would put "Shoe Challenge, by Loz" in my subject line.

Before your story, please include the following information;

Word Count:

Make sure you use the handy-dandy LJ-Cut for all stories (after your information) - <*lj-cut text="Title of Story">Your Story Goes In Here<*/lj-cut> minus the asterisks.

In your notes, please ensure that you add in whether it is Gen, Het or Slash, appropriate warnings and any pairings involved (unless that last part is a secret, and then I understand). It's also polite to pay thanks to your beta-reader. Apart from that, your notes can be as sparse or detailed as you like.

Please do not post off-topic information. Episode discussion belongs in lifein1973 or The Railway Arms - not here. Fiction not pertaining to challenges is best posted about at lifein1973.

You can make a brief Beta-Request. Your post should include vital information like; slash, het or gen, potential word count, and characters involved.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact your friendly neighbourhood Mod; lozenger8, who, when not having 'oops, answers email from lozenger8 [at] gmail dot com. Please use a descriptive subject header such as "Life on Mars Flashfiction" so that Loz knows what it's all about.