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Mod Stuff

The hurt/comfort challenge is over. Thanks to everyone who participated! New challenge coming up.

Hurt/comfort challenge, by talkingtothesky

Title: Whether I'm Right Or Wrong
Rating: White Cortina
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Word count: 865
Notes: Fluff. Established relationship. AU post 2x01. Possessive!Gene ahoy.


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Hurt/Comfort challenge, by the small hobbit

Title: Expect the Unexpected
Rating: Green Cortina
Wordcount: 910
Summary: Gene's gone to a funeral so Sam is in charge

Expect the Unexpected

Hurt/comfort challenge, by basaltgrrl

Title: Fidelity
Author: basaltgrrl
Word Count: 1556
Pairing: sam/gene
Rating: green cortina
Summary: The march of time.  Things change.  Some things stay the same.

Britpicked and betaed by fawsley , talkingtothesky and thesmallhobbit !  And somehow, I needed each and every one of them!  Thank yous!


FidelityCollapse )

Mod Stuff - Hurt/Comfort Challenge

Your challenge this fortnight is hurt/comfort, and I don't think I have to explain this one. Good luck! :D

Entries are due by 10 May 2011

Mod Stuff - Denial Challenge

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Denial Challenge.

Entries are here.

Denial Challenge, by the small hobbit

Title: "Not Me"
Rating: White Cortina
Pairing: none
Wordcount: 280
Summary: Someone has taken the centrefold from Ray's "Just Jugs"


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Mod Stuff - Denial Challenge

Your challenge this fortnight is to write a Life on Mars fic based on the theme of denial. How you interpret it is up to you. Maybe Sam tries to enforce a smoking ban, or Annie refuses to talk to him, or Gene's doing his best to ignore something.

Entries are due by April 26th. Happy writing! :)

Mod Stuff - Role Reversal Challenge Closed

Put everyone back how they're supposed to be, as the role reversal challenge is now closed. The entries can be found under the appropriate tag. New challenge coming up!


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