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Temptation Challenge, by talkingtothesky

Title: Red and Green
Rating: Um, green? Possibly blue.
Word count: 445
Notes: Sam/Gene. Inspired by basaltgrrl 's fantastic artwork, go send her lots of love, now.
Summary: Sam in Gene's green shirt. (Very deep, emotional stuff, this. :P)

You've told me before how much you like that shirt...Collapse )

Temptation Challenge, by margo_kim

Title: Nine Crimes
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 300
Notes: Title from Damien Rice song of same name and written for "temptation" challenge. Fic includes cheating and non-explicit sex
Summary: Sam/Gene, with Sam/Annie and Gene/Missus. Sam doesn't want to keep doing this with Gene, but he can't bring himself to stop.

Nine Crimes

Temptation Challenge, by thesmallhobbit

Title: Gene Hunt could resist everything
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 298 words
Summary: Gene behaves as would be expected


Gene Hunt looked at the crumpled scrap of paperCollapse )


Temptation challenge, by awabubbles

Title: Bluffin' With Mah Muffin
Rating: Blue Cortina
Characters: Gene/Sam, Vince, Clive
Word count: 646
Notes: Speaking of using lyrics for titles...
Summary: Gene wants a smoke during a poker game. Sam makes him want something else.

“Your move, guv.”Collapse )

Marriage of Convenience

Title: Marriage of Convenience
Rating: Blue Cortina
Word Count: 277 words.
Notes: Gene-centric gen for the ‘temptation’ challenge. Based on Paul McDermott’s song 'Bottle'.
Summary: Gene thinks about one of his habits.

Marriage of Convenience

Mod Stuff - Temptation Challenge

Your task this fortnight is to write something on the theme of temptation. Is Annie struggling not to indulge in that extra bar of chocolate? Is Gene itching to punch someone? Is Sam tempted to listen to the voices in his head and go to the dark side?

Deadline for this challenge is June 22nd. Have fun! :)

Mod Stuff - Prison Challenge Closed

The prison challenge is now over. A big thanks to everyone who participated! Entries can be found under the appropriate tag. 

Prison Challenge, by templeremus

Title: Hyde
Rating: Green Cortina for disturbing imagery
Characters: Two Sams, the Test Card Girl.
Word Count: 300
Summary: There is a prison in Sam Tyler's mind, but he is rarely the prisoner. Gen fic. Dark.


The room is smaller than you remembered itCollapse )


Prison Challenge, by talkingtothesky

Title: Can't Tell the Difference
Rating: White Cortina
Pairing: None. Gen. Sam, TCG
Wordcount: 100


Read more...Collapse )

Prison Challenge, acidqueen31

Title: All The Things That I Should Say
Author: acidqueen31
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 533
Notes: Slash, Gene/Sam. Title from "I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)" by Nina Simone.

Read moreCollapse )


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