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Music Challenge, by BastardlyArmed

Title: Devil in My Head
Author: bastardlyarmed 
Rating: Blue Cortina
Word Count:  609
Summary: Sam has an angel on his shoulder but a devil in his head.
Notes: Sam/Gene, set during 2x08. Based off “Angel on My Shoulder” by Kascade - first fic in this fandom, too.

It's time you see, the love you give
Is killin me, and I wanna live
This isn't right - search your soul for light.

One last night.

One last night with the man that he loved, even though he was the tumor that was keeping him here. But even as Gene’s cock slid in Sam, Sam still thought of the life he was going to go back to soon. He would miss the life he led here, but he would be back in his rightful place. A DCI in the Greater Manchester Police, solving crimes the modern way.

“You better be thinking about me there, Sammy boy,” Gene grunted.

“How can I not?” Sam replied, moaning as Gene quickened his pace. He couldn’t take his eyes off his own murderer.

So I turned & left, told myself,
I could be as bad as someone else.
But I found it hard, when an angel's on my right.

He saw the light. Then turned back and saw Gene get shot in the leg.

Saw the memories he had with Gene.

The first kiss, taken behind the Railway Arms on a stormy night, tasting the raindrops mixed in with the taste of scotch and the curry they both had.

The first time they had fucked, that same night, both of them dripping wet and on Sam’s small bed, soaking the sheets with rain and their own sweat and the sticky cum that dripped off Sam’s wet cock. The first time Sam screamed in pleasure. The first time Sam saw Hell and liked it. They were two wet dogs, shagging each other as if the world was about to end tomorrow.

Saw everything he had done with Gene, in vivid detail. His legs almost buckled beneath him.

But all of that, all of that was just in my mind. Gene’s just a figment. He’s the one killing us.

Gene fell to the ground, and Sam turned his back.

But you held my hand,
And took me right back down to hell.
I have an angel on my shoulder,
But a devil in my head.

Sam tuned out the noise around him. Tuned out the drab gray men and women in suits, talking about some recent case.

In his eyes, he saw the rooftop of the station, and Annie, standing next to him, telling him not to jump. Felt the warmth of her hand as she took it, leading him off the roof, leading him to his new life in 1973. Saw Annie’s hair, crimson in the light.

But you held my hand,
And took me right back down to hell.
I have an angel on my shoulder,
But a devil in my head.

I can’t feel it.

Sam saw the crimson droplets of blood, the only color in the drab world. He looked at it, mesmerized by the strange color against his pale skin. The same area where he had nicked himself while shaving in his old flat.

Sam saw a hand over his hand, comforting and warm. A hand that was familiar, one that caressed his cheek every night before they slept. The hand that slapped and punched him around in public but was the softest thing in bed.

The hand clamped down on top of his hand, holding Sam’s hand firmly.

If I look up, he’ll be gone.

Come to me (come back here)
Walk with me (come back here)

The devil in his head, the tumor, the murderer let go of his hand and from the corner of Sam’s eye, turned around, the camel coat swishing behind in his wake.

Sam stood up, excused himself, and followed him to Hell.
Tags: amnesty 2010, music challenge
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