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Red by fawsley for the 'gambling' challenge; white Cortina with Sam

Title: Red
Author: fawsley
Characters: Sam with mentions of Heather, Ruth, Maya, and Gene
Rating: white Cortina
Word count: 490
Disclaimer: All the property of the BBC, Kudos
Summary: Red had always done right by him. Surely he could trust to red again?
Note: Gen. No warnings apart from Sam being sick in a bush. Relates to 2.03.


Red had always done right by him.
Surely he could trust to red again?

United, first and foremost of course. He couldn’t remember a time in his life when the Red Devils hadn’t held his heart. When he’d been made to wear a blue football jersey for the school team he’d sulked for days. His smile only returned when his mum suggested he wear his United shirt underneath the blue one. That would make it magic, she said, and she was right. How else could anyone explain how skinny little Sammy Tyler managed to be top goal scorer that season?

Rummy. 73, 74, and then again in 77 too. And that didn’t include twice coming second. Amazing. He’d persuaded Auntie Heather to have a flutter for him in 77, swore afterward he’d known sporting history was about to be made, and she’d done it for a laugh and because Beauvoir Girls wore red too so why not? Watching the race live on Grandstand they missed the winning moment because they’d all been in tears ever since The Elbow. His mum didn’t even mind him spilling his glass of Fanta over the hearthrug because after all they could afford a new one now if it didn’t come clean.

Maya mentioning in passing that she’d be down the pub if he fancied meeting up after work and him too stupidly besotted to ask which pub. The one CID usually patronised? The one she went to with her girlfriends? One where she wouldn’t be spotted hobnobbing with the boss? The Red Lion had the best pool table around, and there she was with that sexy little smile of hers, cue in hand, laying waste to all the boys. And that was about to include her senior officer and his wallet but still he knew he was the real winner that evening.

A sultry night in Mexico, an illegal card game in the back room of some anonymous seedy bar when everything – everything – from his socks to his life depended on the turn of that final card. The heat had disguised his nervous sweat though he was never quite sure how he’d managed to keep his cool as well as he had, the mantra Red… Red… Red… looping through his brain. Gasps of shocked surprise from the huddled watchers as the Ace of Diamonds was revealed, muttered profanities in thick guttural Spanish he couldn’t and didn’t want to understand, the click of a replaced safety catch. Sam didn’t remember how he’d managed to stagger outside, only came-to when he’d finished throwing up in a patch of scrub under a far-distant red planet and diamond-pointed stars more brilliant than he’d ever seen before.

‘Done this before?’ Gene had asked.
And he had.
In another life.
Red had always done right by him.
Surely he could trust to red again?
It was the red wire.
He was sure it was the red wire.
Wasn’t it?

AN: If you've never seen Red Rum make history winning his third Grand National then you can watch it here.
Tags: gambling challenge
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