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Thanks to the Mod of this Journal, Loz, I am now completely obessed with this show. ;)

Title: Things Missed
Author: Meli Parker
Rating: White Cortina
Wordcount: 402
Notes: My first ever Life On Mars Fic and first ever flash fic.

There were lots of things that Sam missed about the 21st century. Some were very apparent and some not so much. A big thing would be his mobile phone or his iPod. Oh his iPod, how he missed it. He would admit that he might have rushed and been a bit hasty in getting it when he did, but he wanted it. Everyone told him to wait a few more months to get it, but he’d been waiting since the click wheel version came out. Word on the street was an iPod with a colour display was going to be released, but Sam refused to listen. He wanted so badly to be able to hold 5,000 songs in his pocket. A month after he bought his iPod, the iPod photo came out. About 6 months after that, even that one was considered old fashioned because of the Video iPod. But Sam didn’t care, especially now that he was stuck in the year 1973. His older model of the iPod would look like a flying car in this place.

Other ways he missed modern technology were much smaller. Like say, when he’s cooking dinner. Sam stands in his rather small apartment in the dingy kitchen trying to peel potatoes with a knife or some kind of wobbly instrument that didn’t work. He missed the peeler he had in 2006 that had a nice strong rubber grip and a sharp edge. It peeled potatoes with one sift stroke. In 1973, he had to cut about half of the potato off trying to get all the skin off.

Unfortunately at the moment Sam was sitting at his desk, eyes closed, in the Manchester Police station in the middle of the 70’s. He rather liked pondering about his old life during slow times like this. Suddenly he heard a slam in front of him. He opened his eyes in looked up. Gene Hunt was staring at him a little too close for Sam comfort expecting him to answer.

            “Yes?” said Sam.

            “Two suspects in the double were seen going toward a warehouse at the end of town. You awake enough to come or should I just let you continue your little nap.” He said.

            “I’m awake, let’s go.” Said Sam annoyed and rising from his chair.

            “That’s what I like to hear.” Said Gene. Sam grabbed his black leather jacket and swung it over his shoulders.

Tags: technology challenge
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