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Title: New Shoes?
Author: GinnyStar
Rating: G- White Cortina, I should think. Very tame.
Word Count: 163. So this would be... a drabble and almost three quarters?
Notes: Eh... well, bit rusty. Playing with characters I haven't really played with, and not entirely sure this is very good really, but... there ya go.

"They new shoes, Gene?"

Gene Hunt paused for a fraction of a second before continuing to flick through the alarmingly large pile of dusty folders that Sam had plonked down on his desk not a few minutes ago.

"Are you sure you’re not a 'happy camper', Sammy-boy?" he asked abruptly. Sam Tyler looked visibly startled before a mildly guarded look flickered over his face.

"What are you talking about?"

Gene waggled his eyebrows at his deputy as he thumbed a few reference sheets, before seemingly musing out loud-

"It's always the benders who notice rubbish like that."

Sam had that 'I-can't-believe-you-just-said-that' look on his face again- only the third time this week, Gene noted. Getting fewer. The boy was learning, slowly but surely. Choosing to ignore the ‘guv (but wait, was that a blush on Sammy’s face?) Sam reached out for another folder.

Silence reigned for a few minutes before Ray's voice could be heard from outside:

"What the--- them new shoes, Chris?"


Getting back in the game, slowly but surely! :D

Also, bwahaha, furst be me. Me be furst.
Tags: shoe challenge
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