Loz (lozenger8) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Technology challenge, by Loz

Title: Consumer
Author: Loz/lozenger8
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 450 words.

Gene sat at the table, waiting patiently. He had on his Sunday best, as he’d been directed. He’d smoothed down his hair into a more presentable style. He even had a bottle of champagne cooling.

When Clara’d first asked him, he had to admit, he hadn’t exactly been listening. He’d been thinking about that third treble-twenty Chris had scored in darts. One-Hundred-and-Eighty, bloody hell. Gene had been sure he’d miss, but no, Chris had winged it.

Having Clara place her hand on his shoulder and ask for the money two days after a barely remembered exchange had come as a bit of a shock. What money? Oh, that money. Right. How much? She had to be joking. She wasn’t? She insisted he’d already given the okay? He had no further say in the matter? Well, wasn’t that just lovely.

Clara came in with the salmon mousse. She set it in the middle of the table, an almost fiendish glow in her eyes.

“Is that it?” Gene asked.

“The final product,” Clara confirmed.

Gene looked at the mound on the plate. The mousse didn’t look any different from how it usually looked. When Clara placed a serving on his dish he tentatively took a fork to it and lifted some to his mouth. It didn’t taste any different either. Still, on the upside, it did taste good. Buttery and not too overpowering, with just a hint of some herby substance. What had she said it was? Dill?

“How was your new toy?” Gene asked, pouring the champagne and trying to take the look of disgruntled ill will off his face.

Clara’s smile was wide. “It was wonderful.”

“Worth the price?”

“Every penny.”

“And the shipping?”


“And the amount of noise it makes churning and grinding?”

“Yes! It’s so quick, Gene.”

Gene shook his head. “You’re a right consumer, you are. The only one I know who’d spend pound upon pound just to get some kitchen appliance shipped in from America.”

“You said you thought it was a good idea.”

“I didn’t know what you were banging on about, did I? You said you wanted a Cuisinart. I thought that was some kind of deluxe all-in-one cooker.”

“It is deluxe and all in one.”

“For chopping.”

“Exactly. Do you know, we’re probably the first people in Manchester to have a motorised food processor?”

“Most likely the first in the whole of Britain, I’d say.” Gene didn’t sound especially impressed. “No other self-respecting man could be badgered by his wife into giving up an entire fortnight’s pay packet for such a ludicrous item.”

“Well,” Clara said, “you’re a consumer too. And if you don’t stop your yapping you won’t get any dessert.”

* Carl Sontheimer developed the food processor in the early 1970s, adapting the design from an industrial blender. In 1973, this first home food processor was introduced in North America as the Cuisinart. Cuisinart remains one of the most successful food processor brands.

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