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Lead On by GRITS in Misery, Palest Green Cortina

Title: Lead On
Fandom: Life on Mars
Genre: Introspection
Characters: Sam, Gene
Rating: PG / Palest Green Cortina
Word Count: Drabble
Warnings/Notes: For the "Leading" Challenge. Linked at grittyfic and my main blog.
Boilerplate: All things Life on Mars belong to Auntie Beeb and Kudos. I'm just playing with them.
Summary: The Guv speaks.

Those trousers, eh? I’d swear they were painted on, meself, if I hadn’t had an occasion or two to discover that the fasteners really do serve their intended purpose. Never let it be said that the Gene Genie isn’t a hands-on boss.

You’d think, me being such, that I’d be first in line when chasing a blagger down the street or busting into a room full of crims. But no, it’s usually him. He’d tell you that it’s because I’m out of shape. I’m admitting to you -- in strictest confidence, mind -- that it’s simply so I can admire the view.
Tags: leading challenge
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