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Alcohol Challenge: Whiskey Folley by dragonlit Blue Cortina

Title: Whiskey Folly
Author: Dragonlit
Characters: Phyllis, Annie, Sam/Gene
Rating: Blue Cortina 
Word Count: 776
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: The characters are not my intellectual property. They belong to Kudos and the BBC. Just playing with them.
Summary: Phyllis attends a shower at the Railway Arms and tends to a shaken Annie.
Author’s Note: I seem to like disturbing Annie these days. And thanks to my lovely beta candesgirl
Phyllis glanced around the smoky room. The giggling more than the sight of the girls lead her straight to her destination. She supposed she could bear one evening of silly women, after all it wasn`t often that one of her nestlings flew the coup of C division to get married. Phyllis, never the mother hen type and certainly not what one would call nurturing, cringed at these silly old fashioned parties they still had.  But, they were all her girls and she would not miss this evening.  She had convinced them, at least, that the pub would be a better venue that the church hall they had wanted to use. The last time Phyllis had ventured into a church was for her own wedding; after that, the pub had turned into her weekly place of worship.
As she approached the table, she heard an already sotted DC Skelton call out to her. When she saw him waving her over, grin plastered on his face, she shook her head and pointed to the gaggle. Skelton formed an ‘O’ with his mouth and nodded. Still, it was good to know she had an escape route if she needed one.
She forced a smile onto her face and handed over the gift she had brought, hoping that tea towels were still an appropriate gift. When Nelson brought her first drink unbidden, she grabbed his arm to prevent his escape. She took the port, threw it back and placed the empty glass on his tray.
“Another please, and fast, and don’t forget the lemon this time, luv”
Nelson winked at her, turned and hurried back to the bar. Several drinks later, and all the gifts open, Phyllis finally began to enjoy herself. It hadn’t hurt that some of the gifts had turned out to be a little risqué for the bride-to-be and Phyllis managed to shock her by explaining their usefulness in the bedroom. The rest of the party, not wanting to let their mother superior get away so easily, teased Phyllis until she too managed a blush. She glanced up at the clock and was about to leave when she felt a tugging at her blouse and turned to find its source. 
“Phyllis, I’ve just seen something I don’t think I should ‘ave,” came Annie’s voice and the look coming from the young woman’s eyes was that of panic.
“Calm down luv. What’d yer think you saw, now?”
“Not here. Can we go to the loo?”
“Sure. Time for me ter use it anyway.”
Phyllis wondered what horror Annie had run across and if it needed police attention why she hadn’t called it in. 
“So, what’d yer see that has yer so scared?” Phylis asked a shaking Annie.
“I think I saw the Guv’ and DI Tyler doing something… well, something they should’na been doin’”
“Was they taking a bribe or givin’ some blokes a punch up then?” Phyllis asked.
“No. Wasn’t anything like that.”
“Well…” Phyllis paused. “Speak up Annie. Can’t do anything for you if I don’t know what they’ve gone and done.”
“Oh, Phyllis, well, I think I saw them snoggin’ and then the Guv, well he started to undo his belt. The next thing I knew, he was standing there with his trousers down and Sam…I mean DI Tyler, well…he was starting to get on his knees. Crikey, Phyllis. I’m so embarrassed. Do yer think they were gonna… you know?”
“Did they see you?”
“No… no I don’t think so.”
“Good. Let me take care of this. And you could have been mistaken. Lots of drinks tonight, right?” Annie nodded in agreement and Phyllis hoped vainly that the girl would believe it.
“This never happened, Annie and if it did, you are not to breathe a word. You understand? Just between you and me okay, luv?”
Annie nodded again. Phyllis put her arm around the young woman and helped her to the sink where they splashed cold water on her and fixed her makeup. Phyllis shooed Annie back to the party and steamed off to find those stupid men and give them a good talking to before anyone else caught them at their game. Better her than the likes of Ray. Imagine the two of them doing something like that out in the open. Bad enough, they did it at the office. At least, that was behind closed doors. Bloody whiskey, she thought. She suspected the bottle of single malt that Tyler had gotten the Guv for his birthday was to blame. 
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