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Alcohol Challenge: Rooms by Ladyhawke2, White Cortina

Title: Rooms
Author: ladyhawke2
Character: Gene
Rating: white cortina
Word Count: 200 (it started life as a drabble but got out of control)
Warnings: this is totally my own opinion, and just an opinion.
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, they belong to Kudos and the BBC. I am not making any money from this fic.
Authors Notes: I haven't had a chance to read much on the lists lately and have done no writing/ep watching at all, but when I saw what the challenge was this started screaming at me, and wouldn't stop until I'd written it. It was written in ten minutes and is un beta'd, and this is my first time to post something here, so please excuse any errors.

The room was dark and smelt musty. A few rays of sunlight struggled through the lighter patches of grime on the windows, crawling slowly over the paint peeling from the frames and spilling down into the room below, illuminating the swirling dust motes as they fell.

There were a few dozen chairs arranged in a circle, full of people of all ages, all colours, and from the looks of it all social backgrounds. A vagrant, dirty and unkempt, sat alone, the men in their sharp business attire not wanting to sit too close, a mixture of needing to keep their suits clean for afternoon meetings and an uneasy knowledge that there but for the grace of God went them all.

“Welcome to this Tuesday lunchtime meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, my name Tom and I'm an alcoholic. It's customary at this meeting to introduce ourselves and state our primary addiction, if we so wish.”

He gestured to his left, and one by one the assembled men and women introduced themselves to the group. Librarians, public servants, unemployed, students, everyone became just their first name and their addiction. No job title, no past, no sirname. Just themselves.

“My name is Gene. I'm…”

Tags: alcohol challenge
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