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Alcohol challenge: First drink of the day by vicfarmer, white cortina

Title: First drink of the day
Author: Vic
Rating: White Cortina (I really do suck at ratings, maybe a leaning towards green)
Word count: 200
Pairing: None
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I do not own Sam, Gene or anything else Life on Mars related……..damn
Summary: A drabble each for Gene and Sam about Gene’s first drink of the day
Notes: written for the 1973flashfic alcohol challenge in an attempt to get my writing muscles moving

For Gene that first drink of the day was the best one. When he reached into his coat pocket, pulled out the dented flask, and downed that gulp of whisky it was relief and relaxation in one.

And in this job that was something you needed to get by. That was all it was. A liquid distraction from the dirt, disaster and devastation that was being a cop. Yes, that was all it was.

But these days whenever he reached for one of his flasks he could feel Tyler’s critical eyes watching him. And he couldn’t help but wonder why.

It was getting earlier, Sam thought, as he watched Gene fish the tarnished silver flask out of his pocket and take a swig. And it wasn’t just that the first drink was getting earlier; it was happening more regularly and with increasingly less reason too.

None of the others seemed to notice. Or maybe they did but they didn’t think it mattered. Gene definitely didn’t see it as a problem. Gene may have seen addiction before but he just didn’t see his actions as the same thing.

So Sam was left wondering what the hell was he going to do.

Tags: alcohol challenge
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