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Alcohol challenge: Demon Drink by nepthys_uk, Blue Cortina

Title: Demon Drink
Author: nepthys_uk
Characters/Pairing: Gene
Rating: Blue Cortina
Word count: approx. 300
Disclaimer: LoM belongs to Kudos and the BBC. No money being made here.
Summary: Gene gets steaming drunk.
Notes: Not my usual cup of tea, but I thought I’d have a go at a little sliver of angst. Unbeta’ed.
Gene only ever does this when he’s been drinking. When he’s three-sheets to the wind, horny and desperate and not responsible for his own actions.
Grips his cock with a firm, purposeful stroke. God, yes.
Thinks about that smooth body – he’s seen him naked and knows he’s slim but lithe with unexpected strength. Thinks about how it would feel to touch him, touch that pale skin, run a hand over those ribs and flat belly down to his cock…
Picks up the pace now, moving his other hand over the head of his cock, leaking and sticky, and then down to his balls, over and behind them. Wonders what it would feel like to have Tyler’s hands doing this – just there – and Christ, he feels so close but the booze has dulled his sharpness and he’s still hovering on the brink.
What pushes him over isn’t the touch of his fingers, wet with his own fluids, to his arsehole, but the thought of Sam’s cock pressing in the same place. 
His head is spinning, the effects of the alcohol hitting him harder as he comes down from his orgasmic high. He feels sick, suddenly aware that he’s stewing in a fog of stale sweat and old fags, the mingled smell of greasy canteen food and scotch now overlaid with the reek of semen. He should move, get some water, get washed, but it’s all he can do to lie still and not vomit.
Tomorrow he’ll shove this out of his mind as he always does. Clean himself up. Hair of the dog. Back to the job. Keep the streets safe for decent people.
And he absolutely will not think about sex with Sam Tyler.
Until the next time.
Tags: alcohol challenge
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