Christine (neuralclone) wrote in 1973flashfic,

"Embrace the Future"

Title: Embrace the Future
Author: Neuralclone
Word count: 170 words
Rating: White Cortina.

Just a very little something inspired by the technology challenge!

"What—what is that?"

"You tell us, Samantha. You're the one who's into all that white-hot technology stuff."

Sam studied the object in front of him. "It looks like some kind of primi—some kind of computer. What's it doing here?"

"Courtesy of our Assistant Commissioner. He went to this lah-di-dah conference in London and comes back with a head stuffed full of silly ideas. Says computers are the coming thing and the Met is going to put all its records on a data-wotsit so we should do the same." Gene snorted.

Sam folded his arms, and the corners of his mouth twitched as if he was trying not to laugh. "Well they are the wave of the future," he said. He glanced at Chris who was gazing at the new equipment with an enraptured expression. "Besides, it should mean Chris spends less time in the collator's den."

"Nah," said Gene dismissively. "Them gadgets will never catch on. When you've been around as long as me, Sammy-boy, you'll learn: nothing will ever replace good old-fashioned policing."
Tags: technology challenge
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