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Jean Genie

Fic: Giving and Receiving by jean_geanie, blue cortina

Title: Giving and Receiving
Author: jean_geanie
Parings: missus/other,  sam/gene
Rating: Blue Cortina
Word Count: approx. 900
Notes: written for the 1973flashfic [X] challenge, unbetaed

Stepping out of the cab she reached into her handbag for the packet of Embassy Golds she knew was in there. Finding it she removed one cigarette and lit it up, calming her frayed nerves with a slow drag. Finally done, she dropped the butt on the ground and stomped out the last ember with her foot, before opening the door and going inside the small restaurant.
On entering the maitre d’ recognized her almost instantly and directed her to her usual table, where her usual company was already seated. As he rose to pull the chair out for her she greeted him with a peck on the cheek and a distracted smile.
Her preoccupied manner did not go unnoticed by her companion who gave a loud sigh as he reached for the menu.
"Well, out with it, what has he done now?"
"What makes you think he's done something?!" she growled reaching for her own menu and pretending to look over the specials.
"Nothing it's just that you aren’t usually in such pleasant mood."
"It's just that...” slamming the menu back down on the table she continued in an agitated whisper. "I can't believe it! He's only gone and bought me a bloody rose for Valentine's Day."
"Yes, 'Oh' is right as in ‘Ooooh’ he's going to regret it when he gets home tonight. I'll switch his single malt for ginger ale. See how he likes cheap substitutes!"
"Calm down dear, maybe he was just trying to be romantic? Trying to remind you of when you were teenagers or summat."
"Romantic?! You're talking about the bastard who thought that buying that hideous Cortina for our anniversary made him Mr. Darcy!"
"Well, I don’t see why you care so much anyway. You've not exactly been faithful to him now have you?" Hearing the pout in her lover’s voice Moira Hunt looked up and smiled coyly. Seeing that he really was in a 'bit of a snit' (as her husband might say) she leaned over and gave his hand a conciliatory pat.
"Course not love, but after twenty years of marriage you have a right to expect something. I mean he's probably spent more on Party Sevens for that team of his than he did on that flower!"
"Then leave him! Come live with me and I'll make sure that you get something really special for Valentine's Day."
"If it were that simple you know I would but, much as I loathe admitting it, he's a good man. It's not his fault we married too young." She smiled.  "An' that's why Gene's never going to find out about this." She accentuated the words 'never' and 'this' with a slow stroke of his thigh with stocking-clad toes underneath the tablecloth. Her eyes glinted with satisfaction as she saw him flinch and watched the flush develop.
"Fine, mum's the word. Can you really blame a man for trying though?" still smiling she slipped her foot back into her shoe and reached for her menu again.
"No love, but look on the bright side. If he ever did find out he'd probably tear you from limb to limb. This way I get to make sure that each one of your handsome appendages remains intact."
"What's this?" Sam asked with a bewildered expression on his face as he turned over the thin package in his hands.
“Bleeding ‘ell, are you a detective or not Gladys?”
Slightly unsettled by the fact that Gene’s nerves were becoming a tangible presence in the room Sam ignored the barb and settled for ripping apart the wrapping instead. Underneath the plain brown paper was a long black box, only just larger than his palm. Lifting the lid he looked in wonder at the sterling silver fountain pen lying on a black cushion. Gently tracing a finger along it from the nib to the base he was almost hesitant to remove it from the box.
A forced cough reminded him that Gene was still in the room.
“Thought yer might like it what with yer fetish for fillin’ out those forms an’ reports.” When Sam didn’t reply Gene lowered his gaze to the carpet, shuffling his feet and feeling like a teenager.
“Course if yer don’t I can always give it to the missus, she was none too 'appy this-” whatever Gene was going to say next was forgotten as Sam pounced at him, invading his mouth and stroking the side of his face simultaneously, all the while clutching the box in his left hand. When they eventually broke for air Gene had a huge smile plastered all over his face and Sam was looking slightly guilty. Sam placed the box on the table next to them.
“Gene, I didn’t even realise what today was....”  Gene patted him on the shoulder.
“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure you’ll think of somethin’ to make it up to me, Inspector.”
Reaching an arm past Gene and taking the pen out of the box Sam very slowly, and very deliberately, sucked on the end of it. When he felt Gene still against him Sam withdrew the pen with a wicked grin and placed in back in the box. He then rested both hands on Gene’s chest and pushed him against the wall before slowly sinking to his knees.
“Y’know what, I reckon you might be right, Guv.” 
Tags: [x] challenge
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