norfolkdumpling (norfolkdumpling) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Comfort Challenge - by norfolkdumpling

Title:  Necessities
Author:  Norfolkdumpling
Rating:  White Cortina
Word Count: 371

Notes: A little something fluffy for a stormy afternoon.   Pretty much gen, although if you want to see slash (and who doesn't?) it's all about Sam/Gene.  Beta'd by the gorgeous fawsley  whose bunnies are still biting my ankles.  Did I mention the fluff?   And if anyone's interested where the subject of the discussion might have come from, have a look here.


‘He’s a bit tatty, but I think he can go to the sale, Gene. Some kid might still like him.’
‘Are you listening? Take your head out of that box and have a look at this. I think your Missus must’ve left him behind.’
‘Left what beh… Oh.   No, it’s not hers.’
‘Niece?… Nephew then?   Mind you, he looks old. Still got the ribbon on his foot though so might be worth something. Maybe we should look up a collector…’
‘Not selling it, Tyler.’
‘Really? Why not? He might be valuable. You could spend the proceeds on some new shoes.’
‘Oi! Cheeky sod!  Nothing wrong with these. White goes with everything.  Anyway, I told you. It’s not for sale, so give it here.’
‘Hey! Don’t snatch!… Um, Gene? Whose bear is this?’
‘Doesn’t matter. Just go back to organising. Don’t want to keep you from your ‘database’ of jumble.’
‘Fine! It’s mine alright? Had it since I was a kid. Was with me through the war. Helped me through the shit times. Reminds me of my Mum and doesn’t talk back to me, Samuel.’
‘Well, okay then. Nothing wrong with a child finding a bit of comfort in a toy, Gene. You don’t need to be ashamed, you know.’
‘The Gene Genie does not feel shame, Tyler. Now can we just get on please? My stomach thinks my throat’s been cut and I’d like to make it to the Arms sometime this month.’
‘Whatever you say, Guv. Why don’t you bring him downstairs though? He could sit on the chair next to the bed. Seems a shame for him to be shut up here when he’s been so important to you.’
‘Might just do that.  And it’s not a he.’
‘I said, it’s not a he. She’s a she.’
‘Oh. Okay. Well, it’s hard to tell with bears. Especially when they’re naked.’
‘Watch it, Tyler!’
‘So… If she’s a she, she must have a name?’
‘Oh come on, Gene! It can’t be that bad.’
‘Fine! Whatever. I’m going downstairs for another box and then we can go to the pub.’
Hang on…’
‘What now, Gene?’
‘I called her Gladys.   Her name is Gladys.’

Tags: comfort challenge
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