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"But.. where is all the beer?" by sophiedb

Title: "But.. where is all the beer?"
Author: Soph
Words: <200
Rating: Green Cortina (mild swearing)
Warnings: title shamelessly plagiarised from Cap'n Jack Sparrow :)

Gene glared at the (apparent) social centre of the universe. Even that uptight ponce of a DCI - the one with his desk! – was there making politically correct small talk with his supposedly well-balanced subordinates. Then again, if honest coppers had turned their gut instinct over to PC Terminal and almighty procedure he shouldn't be surprised that other essential aspects of policing had been left by the wayside.

Life in 2006 wasn't that bad, Gene reflected wryly, providing he wasn't stuck here too long. They'd had the audacity to offer him "anger management" classes on his very first day, the pussies. Low-lives had too many bloody rights in this brave new world, that was bloody certain. That and one accident with the mini-wave and a tin of 'oops was one too many. Don't get him started on the cars neither, all speed and no style. Emissions regulations, my arse.

DI Hunt, out of time and out of place, scowled as another plonk joined the party by the fancy waterbutt. These idiots couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.
Tags: water challenge
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