Loz (lozenger8) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Mod Stuff - The Shoe Challenge

It seemed only fitting, since I used it in the community info and rules, that our first challenge actually be The Shoe Challenge.

Write about shoes! Gene's shoes. Ray's shoes. Chris' shoes. The shoes might be vital evidence for a murder. They might be tiny Sam's football boots, or disco platforms. You might want to have the shoes lost, found, or ruined. The story might be from the shoes' perspective. Whatever you want.

Remember, there is no maximum nor minimum word length. Humour, drama, slash, het, gen, it's all welcome. Please use appropriate ratings and warnings.

This is a 2 week challenge. Stories will be due by the 11th of July. The next Mod Post will detail the next challenge. Happy writing!
Tags: mod stuff, shoe challenge
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