nepthys_uk (nepthys_uk) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Fear challenge #2 by nepthys_uk (drabble)

Title: What if
Author: nepthys_uk
Characters: Gene, Sam
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count: 100 exactly.
Disclaimer: Belongs to Kudos and the BBC. This is just for fun, not for profit.
Notes: written for the 1973flashfic  fear challenge. Tried something different – not sure if it works, but it just sort of pounced on me while I was drinking coffee, so here it is.
What if he says no?
What if those looks and touches have all been in his imagination?
What if he looks at him with revulsion and disgust, instead?
What if it leads to punches?
What if the anger and hurt is real this time?
What if it ends their friendship?
What if he loses him?
What if he leaves, returns to Hyde, just to get away from him?
What if someone else finds out?
What if the team lose their respect for him?
What if the missus walks out?
What if he loses his job?
What if he says yes?

Tags: fear challenge
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