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Remix Challenge, by DorsetGirl

Title: Flake

Remix of: Never Tasted Before , Without Ruining Your Appetite and Melts In Your Mouth all by Andromeda writing as fiandyfic.

Author: DorsetGirl

Fandom: Life on Mars

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters or their universe. BBC/Kudos do. I’m not making any money out of this.

Rating: Brown Cortina for teh slash.

Pairings: Sam/Gene

Word Count: 3,131

Summary: Gene eats chocolate. Sam thinks he’d like some of that.

A/N: It wasn’t until this was half-done that I remembered “Never Tasted Before” was written for me in the first place (because I said we needed fic where Gene was deliberately getting Sam all hot and bothered), so there’s some sort of poetic circularity there!

ETA: You know where this is going, right, so it’s no spoiler to point you towards iugularemortuos'  fabulous illustration.




Gene grinned to himself as he saw Tyler look away hurriedly yet again. Watching Tyler watching him had become his favourite game over the last few weeks, helped by the fact that CID was mellowing in the quietest patch Gene could remember in the past five years.


He counted under his breath: so far today Tyler hadn’t got past twenty seconds in between glances, and Gene was enjoying keeping him on edge, never quite knowing whether Gene had spotted him looking.


There he was again, right on cue, but this time Gene had allowed himself to be distracted by the nancy git’s perfect profile, and hadn’t looked away quickly enough himself. Time to move the game forward a step then. He looked coolly back, giving nothing away, as a slight flush crept across Sam’s face and he dropped his eyes.


Greatly amused, Gene turned back to the paperwork. He’d actually been going through old files for the past few days and although he’d never admit it to Sam, he was looking for cold cases that might be worth re-opening now that he had a better understanding of what could be achieved with forensic evidence.


Closing the last folder, he stacked them all neatly, and rose silently to his feet. Sam had one hand up to his face, presumably to prevent himself from glancing sideways through Gene’s open doorway. Calmly taking advantage, Gene moved slowly into the main office round Sam’s self-imposed blind side and walked casually up behind him.


Clapping Sam on the shoulder with one hand while simultaneously slapping the files down on his desk with the other, he choked back a snort of laughter as Tyler jumped so hard he knocked his coffee over.


“Not on the bloody files you nancy moron!” Gene roared, making him jump even more. “Proper procedure, Tyler, remember that. What does proper procedure state, Tyler?”


“Witness statements and forensic evidence must be kept in appropriate storage such that...”


“OK, OK! Just mop it up, for God’s sake. Here, use my handkerchief.”


He flung the bedraggled grey object into the muddy pool spreading across Sam’s desk; as the shabby brown seeped into the unsavoury grey he saw Tyler curl his lip in disgust.


“Right, Tyler. I’m going out. Have the next lot of files ready for me when I get back. We'll go through them together.”


“Guv.” Sam muttered, patting fastidiously at the mess. He looked up, catching Gene’s eye for a moment before focussing determinedly on his tie. “You know, if you’d tell me what you’re looking for it might help.”


“I’ll know when I see it, Gladys, and then I’ll tell you, all right? Just make sure you’re in my office in twenty minutes.”


Gene strolled on through his domain, casting glances - approving and otherwise - around the room. Ray, filling in his pools coupon in the far corner, got the former. Chris and Geoff, whispering over by the wall and glancing pointedly at Tyler, were treated to the latter.


“Sorry Guv,” Chris said automatically, swallowing nervously, although clearly he hadn’t a clue what he’d done wrong. Having successfully attracted Tyler’s attention yet again, Gene glanced back quickly, just in time to see him drop his gaze.


“Twenty minutes Tyler, got it?” Gene called, and swept out, wondering how much longer he would have to keep this up before Tyler broke. Last time Gene had “lent” him a handkerchief he’d burst into the bogs two days later to find the pretty pansy distinctly flustered as he scrubbed his hands on a familiar-looking wad of grey cotton. He’d shoved it instantly into his pocket when he saw Gene, but he couldn’t hid the sheen of sweat on his face, nor the fact that his chest was rising and falling faster than a simple piss would call for.


At least the tosser had shown the presence of mind not to wipe his face with the rag – that really would have accelerated matters. Smearing come all over Sam’s face was one of Gene’s favourite fantasies and he’d been thinking about it since he’d started this game. But for the moment he was enjoying himself taking things so very slowly, and his aim was to have Tyler on his hands and knees begging for it by the end of the Christmas party.


Fifteen minutes later, walking back into CID with his new goodies and a pack of fags, Gene decided to give him fair warning for once. He wanted Tyler calm and relaxed for this.


Tyler!” he bellowed. “My office, now!”


Gene settled himself behind the desk, taking care to adjust his trousers as he sat down. The whole point of the next twenty minutes or so was to wind Tyler up to the point of no return, and he couldn’t remain enigmatically calm himself if he was strangling his own cock at the same time.


Sam walked in, Gene’s filthy handkerchief just visible at his hip pocket. Gene could only hope he’d dried it first; it wasn’t coffee stains he wanted to see on Tyler’s jeans today. Gene took the files from him and opened the top one.


“Sit down, Tyler,” Gene ordered. “Might want the benefit of your fancy Hyde ideas in a minute. Just sit quiet while I read this. You start on that one.”


He heard Sam sigh with exaggerated patience as he started reading.


When he was sure Sam was engrossed in his own folder, Gene reached into his top drawer and withdrew his novelty purchase. The man in the newsagent’s had looked at him in frank disbelief as he handed it over, and Gene had smiled calmly as he put it carefully in his coat pocket.


The desk drawer creaked, and out of the corner of his eye he could see Sam taking the opportunity to stare at Gene’s mouth. He poked his tongue out deliberately, running it slowly over his lower lip as he placed the packet on the table. 


Sam’s luxurious deep intake of breath changed abruptly to a cough as he saw the Cadbury’s Flake. Gene twisted the end open, running his fingers delicately along the shaft as he smoothed the wrapper down.


“Sounds bad, Gladys. You need a drink? Something to suck, maybe?” His own cock twitched momentarily at the image and Sam clearly made the same connection.


“Good start, Gene,” he thought, pleased with himself. He motioned Sam back to the files and looked contemplatively at the chocolate, thinking this through. Wouldn’t do to bite it, obviously. Send all sorts of unfortunate messages instead of the one he had in mind. Taking a deep breath, he extended his tongue and poked gently at the soft folds of chocolate.


Ignoring the burning gaze from across the desk, he imagined licking Sam’s slit and moved his tongue gently to and fro before moving to lick around the head of the soft, cylindrical sweet; pity it wasn’t really big enough to be realistic. Wouldn’t that be something, if you could get Flakes in dick sizes – small, medium, Sam, Gene.


Although, thinking about it, he didn’t actually know how big Sam was. Wondering how Sam’s cock would measure up against his own – he choked momentarily at against his own  - reminded Gene of something his Granny May used to say, scurrilous old bag that she was. Not a typical product of the Victorian age, that one.


“Gene,” she would say, to his mother’s exasperation, “always remember, when it comes to tits, more than a handful’s waste.” Gene would look politely enquiring, and she would add “Applies to dicks, too!”, cackling until she fell into a coughing fit and Gene could escape the room, face burning and his dick hardening painfully at the prospect of someone, someday, getting a handful of his adolescent appendage.


God, how is that natural, a Granny who talks about tits and dicks? Just thinking about how he’d felt each time he fled to Granny May’s shed made him harden. Feeling again the damp chill of stale air on his fourteen-year-old dick, he laughed suddenly as a vision came to mind of his mother complaining endlessly about the odd smell in the corner by the mangle.


He jolted back to the present to find Sam staring openly at him.




“Er, nothing, Guv.” Still staring.




“Er, while you’ve been, um, enjoying your chocolate, Guv - you’ve got it all round your mouth.”


Gene looked at the Flake and realised that, mind firmly in Granny May’s shed, he must have been putting on even more of a show than he’d intended. The sides of the chocolate were worn smooth to half way down the shaft, and glistened wetly with his saliva. No wonder Tyler looked flustered.


“Nothing wrong with enjoying a good suck, Tyler,” he said dismissively. “You should try it some time,” he added, seeing Sam’s eyes widen momentarily. “And I told you not to interrupt while I’m reading.”




Silence fell, broken only by the occasional rustle of plastic as Gene pushed the wrapper further down the chocolate. Better keep me mind on the job, else I’ll be breathing harder than he is. He couldn’t resist sniffing at the bar before pushing it gently between his pursed lips. Trying not to think too much about the more interesting generalities of long objects and puckered holes, he ran his mouth down the bar, taking it in as deep as he could, sucking hard before moving his head back, then repeating the process until he heard Sam shifting in his seat.


He looked up, chocolate still fully inserted.




Sam flushed and looked back at his folder; he was definitely breathing harder now.


Time to speed up the performance. The sight of Tyler all flushed and squirming in his seat was making it difficult for Gene to keep his mind on the chocolate. If he started thinking about what he wanted to be getting his mouth around there’d be two of them gasping silently and trying not to move while they came in their pants.


He moved slightly so his cock was no longer rubbing against the underside of the desk, and went back to his rhythmic sucking, letting out the occasional artistic moan of pleasure.


Tyler broke just as Gene thought he’d have no choice but to start rutting the edge of the desk again.


“Sorry, Guv,” he gasped, getting up jerkily. “Got to, um ... “ and he dashed out.


Abandoning the chocolate instantly Gene got to his feet, thanking the fates for loose trousers as he headed through the dozing office only seconds after Sam.


For someone with tight trousers and a raging boner, Tyler certainly moved fast, Gene thought as he looked up and down the corridor. The nearest Gents’ didn’t offer up any signs of life beyond a guilty-looking DC Withers hastily folding up his newspaper, so Gene moved down the corridor, considering the options. Most likely gone to the Gents’ on the sixth floor. With the offices empty and the builders on one of their interminable mid-job breaks, there was no-one up there to use the place for its legitimate purpose. Grateful once more for the questionable work ethic of the great British builder, Gene trotted up the back stairs. Arriving at the top barely out of breath – wouldn’t Tyler be surprised at the idea of Gene doing this twice a day for the past six months – he trod noiselessly down the corridor.


Twenty seconds later, emerging from the silent sanctuary with his erection sadly intact, Gene took a hopeless glance into the adjacent Ladies before admitting defeat. Damn the man, why couldn’t he just do the obvious thing for once. Well, no, he wouldn’t be Tyler if he did that, would he? Wouldn’t be the irritatingly smug know-it-all who only had to smirk in Gene’s general direction to have him instantly hard and fighting to control his breathing. Some days he wondered how he’d managed all this time without just taking the gorgeous bastard up against the filing cabinet. In front of the whole department if need be.


Gene thought for a moment. There was nowhere left to try; his own hard-on was finally subsiding, but he knew it was only biding its time, and unless he did something soon, he would be painfully hard for all to see the moment he laid eyes on Tyler again. Just thinking about those slim hips and tight trousers had a very warming effect, and he moved hurriedly away from the Ladies.


It would have to be Lost & Found. If Tyler had gone back to work he would be in the office or the Collator’s den, but with no scum littering the cells where was no call for anyone else to be in Lost & Found. And at this rate he wasn’t going to be there very long, anyway. He headed back down the stairs.




Closing the door quietly behind him, he stepped into the dusty room, listening carefully. Turning the key in the lock he moved quickly into the shadows to deal with the delicious ache in his Y-fronts. He was already hardening in anticipation as he approached the far corner, pulling down his zip and starting to breathe faster.


“Looking for something, Gene?” He thought he was going to have a heart attack as a hand reached firmly inside his trousers, and Sam stepped out from behind the shelving. Fingers ran delicately along his erection as he stuttered in shock.


“Ah, yes,” Sam said with a smirk. “Got yourself a little over-excited with all that chocolate, Guv?” He tightened the hand stroking Gene’s cock, moving it a little faster on Gene’s briefs. “Need a little relief  from the tensions of planning an investigation? Would you like your keen and thorough DI to help you handle matters?”


He stood in front of Gene and ran a hand round the back of Gene’s neck, stroking up into his hair. “Well, let me see what I can do for you, Guv.” Gene stood motionless, still stunned by the sudden hijacking of his plan. “You’ve been enjoying – licking­ – this morning, haven’t you? And sucking? “ Gene moaned at the promise as Sam’s hand moved inside his pants, warm and firm. “Well, I think we need unwrapping first, don’t you? Before we move on to tasting. And savouring.” Sam’s voice was as smooth and rich as dark chocolate. “And – best of all – swallowing.” Gene screwed his eyes shut and concentrated on not coming there and then.


With each emphasis, Sam moved closer, nipping and sucking at Gene’s lips and tongue, while further down he shifted Gene’s briefs to free his cock. Then he went on tiptoe to straddle Gene, enclosing his erection between tightly clenched thighs. Gene groaned and buried his face in Sam’s neck, sucking at the warm flesh. It tasted better than chocolate.


Sam laughed delightedly, reaching into Gene’s hair with both hands, and arching his hips into Gene’s. “It’s like my Grandad used to warn me,” he said. “And you needn’t bother with the smart remarks, ’cos I’ve heard ’em all before.” He continued to rock gently against Gene as he spoke, encasing Gene in a tight heat that had him gasping and biting his lip for control.


“He used to say ‘You mark my words, son, when some pretty young thing is leading you around by the cock’,” Sam pulled back slightly, and Gene thrust himself fiercely forwards to stay in that wonderful heat. “A man chases a woman until she catches him. And he doesn’t even notice till she’s done it.” Gene groaned again, open-mouthed against Sam’s lips and teeth and probing tongue.


“And he wasn’t wrong, was he, Guv?” Sam leaned forward, breathing silkily into Gene’s ear. “You think I didn’t notice your hot glances, and touching me on the arm all the time, and that gorgeous pout promising me everything I could ever want?” He moved slightly, reaching down behind himself, closing his eyes as he cupped Gene against his arse and increased the heat to unbearable levels. Just thinking about that tight hole separated from his cock only by a thin layer of denim had Gene rutting uncontrollably between Sam’s thighs into Sam’s hand, Sam’s words in his ear a tantalising counterpoint to his desperate thrusting.


“And today,” Sam murmured, very close, as he undid his own trousers, “Today,  you decide to go for the kill, with your chocolate blow-jobs and your crotch in my eye-line every time I look up.” He moved his mouth from Gene’s ear as he started stroking his own cock deliberately, breath catching in his throat  as he opened his eyes and stared at Gene. “You’ve been chasing me, Detective Chief Inspector. You’ve been chasing me and I’ve caught you. So let me show you what happens to predators who fall into their own trap.”


He moved so quickly that he was on his knees before Gene had registered the change in position, taking Gene deeply into his mouth as he stroked himself, and smiling up wickedly as his soft lips tightened and pulsed around Gene’s cock. Gene couldn’t hold back: as Sam tongued and sucked him, and groaned his own orgasm, he felt it starting and pulsed hard into Sam’s mouth, holding onto his shoulders desperately for balance.


When he was done and Sam had finished licking him clean Gene fell to his knees in front of Sam and they fell together, heads on each other’s shoulders, arms raised to steady each other.


“Oh, Jesus,” Gene gasped. “If that’s what I get for chasing you, I’m yours, OK? I’m caught. Just tell me that wasn’t a one-off. Tell me I don’t have to chase you for another six months to have this again.”


He could feel Sam’s face move into a smile as he said “You can have this and more every night, Guv, as long as you’re mine. And as long as we can “chase” each other into Lost & Found now and then. There’s only one thing though.” Sam shifted to look directly at Gene. “You can eat Flakes around the office all you want, but never eat a Curly Wurly in front of me again unless we’re by ourselves.”


Gene grinned; so he had noticed. “And why not, Tyler?”


“ ’Cos I kept imagining you poking your tongue into those little holes. Thinking about how it would feel to have your tongue poking into me.”


Exhausted though he was, Gene felt his cock twitch at the thought. “For God’s sake, Sam, I don’t know how I’m going to walk back to the office as it is. Let’s solve a few cases before we start again.”


Sam laughed as he stood up and pulled Gene to his feet. “Work together, play together? You’re on, Guv. I’m all yours.”








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