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Mod Stuff - Announcing the 1973flashfic Remix

The 1973flashfic Remix

What It Is

A challenge that asks both, "hey, if I had written that story, how would it have turned out?" and "hey, if someone else had written my story, how would it have turned out?" You take someone else's existing fic and remix it. The textual equivalent of adding in some bass, some horns and making a new track out of an existing one.

There are three things you must keep of the original story - pairing(s), setting(s), and the basic plotline. You can change point of view, dialogue, mood, characterisation, genre, rating, and it can be longer or shorter.

This is a challenge you sign up for - so there is no remixing of your stories if you don't participate. You may also have one Wild Card fic that you don't want to be remixed.

You do not get to choose who you remix a story for - you will be matched according to sign up information and the tried and trued method of choosing names out of a hat.

Conditions of Entry

You must have at least 3 completed fics longer than 500 words. They can be interconnected, but must be able to stand alone.

The remixed fics do not have to be 1973flashfics. You do not even have to be a member of 1973flashfic. I'm hosting the challenge here because I didn't think it needed yet another community.

You must have some sort of index of your Life on Mars fiction - it can be LJ memories, an LJ post, a website - but it must be easily accessible.

If you only write het, or slash, or gen, you must say so.

The Fic in Question

Minimum word count is 1000 words, other than that, do what you like. As stated, you must keep the pairing(s), setting(s), and the basic plotline of the original story, but that's it.

More information on posting the story to the community will be made available closer to the deadline.

Time Frame

Sign ups close Monday 17th March. Assignments will go out no later than Wednesday 19th March. Fics will be due 1st May.

Sign Up Information

Comment on this post by copying and pasting the following (comments are screened):

<b>Your Name/Username:</b>
<b>Your email address:</b>
<b>Your fic index/website:</b>
<b>Wild Card:</b>
<b>Restriction (none, [I write] only gen, only slash, only het):</b>
<b>Pinch hit?:</b>


Your Name/Username: Loz/lozenger8
Your email address: lozenger8@gmail.com
Your fic index/website: My Life on Mars Fanfiction Index
Wild Card: Palimpsest
Restriction (none, [I write] only gen, only slash, only het): none
Pinch hit?: Hell yeah.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to email lozenger8@gmail.com, or send me a private message via LJ's nifty system.
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