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minor characters challenge by fawsley

Title: Another boy, another planet
Author: fawsley
Word Count: 326
Notes: Gen. No warnings.

Another boy, another planet

Short back and sides. Had that all me life, right from that first visit to the barbers when I was oh, must have been no more than six. Before that of course it was Aunt Edith and her pudding basin. But once I’d had a proper cut I stuck with it, man and boy.

Can’t get me head around young men these days wanting to go about looking like girls, can’t tell one from the other unless they’re wearing a dress. I can understand why plain clothes might need to blend in, why some of them are looking like those hippie types, but senior officers amongst them… Really! What is the world coming to? Was quite shocked by DCI Hunt last time I bumped into him, nearly didn’t recognise him at all.

That young Detective Inspector of his though, he goes in for a nice short cut. Would look very smart too if it wasn’t for the shirts that look like flags and those trousers that flap in the wind. Strange lad. Wasn’t exactly what I’d call respectful the first time I met him, but he was somewhat shook up after that bump on the head. Dazed and confused apparently, and that must be taken into account, so I can forgive his unfortunate behaviour.

All very odd, never did quite work it out to my own satisfaction. No other vehicles in the vicinity at the time and the bonnet of his car was quite cool, engine hadn’t been running for a good while. But I always check the building site when I start that stretch of my beat and I know for a sure and certain fact that car wasn’t there only minutes earlier.

One of them nice new Rovers, it was. And that was another funny thing. Proper Police car, radio and everything, but it wasn’t one of ours and Hyde knew nothing about it either.

Was almost like he’d landed from another planet.
Tags: minor characters challenge
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