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Minor Characters Challenge, by dak

Title: Too Many Women
Author: dak
Word Count: 646
Rating: white cortina
Spoilers: 2.04

She hadn’t come over to visit as much after he left. It just couldn’t be good for him, the poor, little love. Surrounded by all women, all the time? It wasn’t Ruth’s fault, certainly. Poor dear needed as much support as she could get, trying to raise that child on her own and how many women had more male companions than female nowadays?

Yet, Sammy was a boy and boys needed their fathers. While Vic would never have been a contender for any parenting prize, he had been a strong male presence in Sammy’s life. She knew it was still too soon but that hadn’t stopped her from encouraging Ruth to get out and date a little, get a man, any man, around her and Sammy. She knew some wonderful lads that would fall head over heels for her. Of course, what man wants a woman with a family already in tow? 

There were just too many women in that house. So she simply didn’t come round as much. Of course she rang almost every day. Ruth needed that support and she would never abandon her sister like that. It was just the actual visits that she gradually put a stop to. Ruth didn’t seem to notice or, as was more likely, didn’t say anything. She was used to people leaving her. Vic, their mum before that, and if her sister was to suddenly disappear, well Ruth would probably just smile, hide away her bad feelings, and say it was the way things were meant to be. 

It hurt to do it but it was what was best for Sammy and she would do anything for her favorite nephew. 

Then came the day Denise went missing. It was so soon after Sandra’s murder and they all expected the worst. They were called into the station and she hadn’t seen so many coppers since Vic first disappeared and was already predisposed to mistrust them. The bumbling DC they had interviewing them seemed more interested in looking down their blouses than he was in what they had to say about Denise. What was wrong with men these days?

After half an hour of nothing, when they could be trying to make a living, they were finally shown the door and that’s when he approached her. Apparently some DI, if what that puppy dog DC told her was true. That man with his “it’s so good to see you,” trying to hug her like they were old mates? Probably just wanted a good feel up her skirt. Perverts they had in the police force, the whole lot of them. 

There was something in his eyes those. She could see it through her frustration. He looked so alone, so desperate. He started going on about “Little Sammy,” how he was “her favorite,” and she saw that even the DC was watching him oddly. She shrugged him off. Told him to find Denise, turned, and marched out. She couldn’t forget those eyes haunted eyes, though. Every time she closed her own she thought of them, thought of him, and thought of what had happened to that man to make him feel so unwanted.

That very night she made a surprise trip over to Ruth’s, bringing as many of her own friends with her as she could find. She immediately found Sammy and scooped him up into a big hug, then watched as the adorable, little sweetheart was passed around and hugged and kissed by all the women in the room. 

It didn’t matter how many women it was or how many men. Her Sammy would be loved. Her Sammy would never be lonely. Her Sammy would always have the support he needed. Even if he still wanted to be a copper when he was older, like he kept babbling, Heather would make sure he would never be a copper like him.

Tags: minor characters challenge
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