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Mrs Tufty

minor characters challenge by fawsley

Title: Flesh on the bones
Author: fawsley
Rating: white cortina
Word Count: 374
Notes: Gen, no warnings

Flesh on the bones

Either they learn fast or they don’t last.

Every one of them passes through my kingdom and I can tell from just one glance how they’re going to shape up. Fresh-faced from training college they arrive, convinced they’re the future of policing, ready to rid the streets of all known scum and be promoted up through the ranks faster than you can say Jack Robinson. But once they’re pounding the streets day in day out it’s a different matter altogether. Nothing like a taste of reality to knock ‘em back a step or two. Some of them never get over it. Others take it in their stride, learn the ropes, settle down to the grind.

Few of them actually make it to the top of course, but those that do I’ve spotted right from the start, every one of them. That young Cartwright from the Women’s Department, I’ve got my eye on her. Got a bright future, that one. Wouldn’t be surprised to see her moving into CID before long – she’s certainly managed to wiggle her way in with the team. Reckon they’ll notice she’s got the makings of a good little detective once they’ve got past her tits and arse.

DI Tyler though, he’s a different kettle of fish completely. Something not right about that one, can't quite put my finger on it. Comes up with the goods but he goes all round the houses to do it and certainly isn’t looking to get in anybody’s good books along the way. The Guv seems to have taken a bit of a shine to him, though. Hunt and the Runt, that’s what I call them. Turn him sideways and you can hardly see him at all, needs to put a bit of flesh on those bones of his. A copper should have some meat on him if he’s going to get anywhere.

There’ll be nothing left if he doesn’t put in an appearance soon. All disappearing fast as usual. Call me daft but I’ve got a soft spot for young Tyler, and I’ll see he gets what he deserves. Nice bit of treacle sponge with a drop of mint custard, that'll see him right. Bet he’s the sort who likes the skin left on as well.


You've read the fic, now eat the cast!

Tags: minor characters challenge
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