Loz (lozenger8) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Mod Stuff - The Minor Characters Challenge

There were some amazing secondary and minor characters in Life on Mars. Characters who were only in one episode, or featured in the background. Oswald is a favourite. How about Jackie Queen? Leonard!!! Glen! The random authentic CID boys who remain (mostly) nameless? Your entry has to centre around those minor characters. You can incorporate the main characters --- perhaps make the story an examination of those personalities through secondary character eyes. But it has to be minor-character-centric.

(For the purposes of this challenge, Nelson, Test Card Girl, and Phyllis have been relegated to main character status.)

Thanks to m31andy for the suggestion! If you have any ideas for future challenges, we are always happy to hear them.

This is a two week challenge. Entries are due January 25th. Have fun!
Tags: minor characters challenge, mod stuff
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