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Amnesty 2007 (2) The Armed Bastards Challenge, by Hambel

Author: Hambel
Title: Armed Bastards and Good Friends
Rating: Green Cortina for one swear word
Word Count: 100
Pairing: Chris/Annie if you squint
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: No-one belongs to me. I’m only borrowing them from the BBC and Kudos. I am making no money from this whatsoever, just enjoying the freedom of t’internet.
A/N: Written for the amnesty of 2007, this is under the heading of Armed Bastards Challenge.

Armed Bastards and Good Friends
“Don’t move! You’re surrounded by armed bastards!”
Skelton grips his gun with a sweaty palm and pushes his fringe away from his eyes with his other hand. Cartwright sees the shaking fingers and lays a comforting hand on him. Flinching, he shoots a startled look in her direction.
Annie smiles, reassuringly. The roaring sound leaves Chris’ ears and the tremors in his fingers stop, enabling him to grip the gun without fear of losing it, or shooting off his own foot.
He smiles back at Annie. The desperados are giving themselves up now.
It’s a great day to be alive.
Tags: amnesty 2007, armed bastards challenge
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