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Amnesty 2007 #2- Word Challenge by liquorishflame

Title: Sinnerman

Rating: Blue Cortina for language

Author: liquorishflame

Spoilers: during 2.8.

Summary: Sam should be careful what he promises.

A/N: Originally written for the begining of another fic, and one day, it might be the epilogue. But for now, it's just fun :)

Sam stood there, head hung, awaiting his judgement. He knew that he deserved whatever was coming to him. He expected that he would be called all sorts of names, Judas Goat, Bastard, Poofter an all. He just had to take it on the chin.

'You came back for us.' Statement, not a question. But he answered it anyway.

'Yes, I did.' he said, looking down at the toes of his cubans.

'Oi Doseylocks! Look at me when I'm talkin' to yer!'

Sam head shot up with a swiftness that embarrased him.

Gene grinned appreciatively as he sat in his hospital bed like a king inspecting his treasury.
Or Torqumada inspecting the rack.

'That's better. So, as I was sayin', you came back for us.'

He nodded his reply.


Some cheeky nerve!

'The last thing I am is a coward.' he shot out.

'Oh that's right, yer just a traitor.'

Sam held his gaze even as he flushed to the tips of his ears.

'I was wrong.'

His DCI snorted.

'Bloody right you were! Throwin' in your lot with some miserable tosser you bareley even know, just to shop yer chums, your comrades, your bosom friends.'

'Haven't got a bosum Guv.' he pointed out, although he knew he probably shouldn't have. Don't stick your fingers through the bars sunshine.

'Sure were acting like it, fainting all over Frank Morgan with girlish glee.'

'I was not being...girlish.' he snapped.

'Were too. Stick some ribbons in yer hair and yer Shireley bloody Temple.'

He opened his mouth to defend himself when Gene held up a warning finger.

'Don't you even think about it! After all you've put this team through, I think your name is whatever I say it is, and if I say that you're name is shit, then by God you'd better listen!'

'Yes Guv.'

'What was that Tyler? Speak up now.'

He cleared his throat. 'Yes Guv.'

'Good. Don't you forget it. Now that that's settled, let's get out of here.'

Swinging his knobby knees around, Gene bent down to put on his loafers.

'Er Guv?'

'What is it Tyler, gonna whinge about how I shouldn't go till I've been discharged?'

'Wouldn't dream of it Guv. Just wanted to tell you, there's no back to your gown.'

Gene looked quizzically over his shoulder just as the on duty nurse came in. Her eyes widened and she clapped her hands to her mouth. For the first time since he'd known him, Sam saw Gene blush beet red.

'Well what're standing there for love! If you want to take a gander at the rest, just hop on in.'

'I, I..I.' the poor girl stammered.

'Off with you then!' he roared, and she fled from the room. Gene glared at him.

'Could've warned me.'

'Tried.' he said, smiling.

'So anyway, I owe you a punch.' Gene grunted as he stood up, pulling a shirt on over the robe.


Gene stopped buttoning up to stare at him.

'...Right. Fair enough.'

'Do I have your word, I could smack you silly an' you won't give a squeek of protest?'

'Yeh, you've got my word.'

Sam stood his ground, tensed and ready. His DCI frowned at him.

'What are you doing?'

'You..just said-'

'I didn't mean now!' He gave Sam a big toothy grin. 'Where's the fun in that? Here's the deal: I'm not going to demote yer, I'm not going to blackmail yer or call you a bloody traitor, even though you are. We're going to go back as normal, defeating the scum of the city side by side. Because even though you're a stupid copper, you're my stupid copper, and I know you wouldn't make the same mistake again. Am I right?'

'Yes Guv, perfectly right.'

'Good. But. Because you've been such a bad boy, I get one punch, gratis. Anytime, anywhere, even if you're sandwhiched inbetween Twiggy and Mia Farrow. Get it?'

'Got it.'

'Good. Now let's get out of this sick house.'

'Whatever you say Guv.'
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