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Beauty Challenge by Vic

Title: Connection
Author: Vic
Rating: White Cortina, suitable for all
Word count: approx 250 words
Pairing: Gene and surprise
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Gene remembers the day he first saw her…….
Notes: am just about to go on holiday (woohoo!) but had a quick burst of inspiration for the Life on Mars Flashfiction challenge. Written quickly so comments and concrit welcome.

Gene remembered to this day when he first saw her. He had been wearily heading back to the station, after a tedious day tracking down some robbing scum, and he had happened to glance across the road. And there she was, right in front of him, the sunset casting a warm hazy glow over the whole scene.

It was like she was waiting just for him.

She was by far and away the most beautiful, the most captivating thing that Gene had ever seen. He’d had the day from hell but the sight of her had held his eye, despite everyone around them, and raised his spirits from the depths they had dropped to.

That feeling hadn’t gone away. He spent the whole evening thinking of the way she looked with the sun setting behind her. And he revelled in the sense of home he got from that remembered glance.

He knew he had to see her again as soon as possible. So he went back to the same spot, at the same time, full of nerves and anticipation, and there she was just as lovely and perfect as before.

And that had been the start of their relationship and it was one that endured. It lasted despite Gene being tempted by others, and despite the stresses and strains the job caused. She was constant, gorgeous, the envy of others, comfortably familiar and contradictorily surprising even after all this time.

So it was fair to say that, even years later, Gene counted the day he saw the burnished bronze Ford Cortina in the car lot across the street as one of the best of his life. 

Tags: beauty challenge
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