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Five Times Annie is told she's beautiful.

Title: Five Times Annie is told she's beautiful.
Author: totallywow
Rating: Green Cortina
Pairing: Annie/OMC, Sam/Annie
Word count: 527 words.
Disclaimer: Not mine, dammit.
Summary: Five times Annie is told she's beautiful.
A/N: Un-beta'd, so if you see a mistake.. please tell me! I think I got the rating ok. There is a small sex scene but definitely not explicit stuff. Not my usual! This is for the beauty challenge.


When she’s just eight and falls out with her best friend in the whole world who pulls her hair and calls her ‘ugly’, Annie’s Mum holds her tight when she comes home in tears and tells her she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Annie believes her for a while - then she grows up.




He’s just as nervous as she is, except she’s not letting it show, smiling upwards, encouraging, urging him on. He’s breathing heavily and she’s biting her lip as he pushes inside of her, and it hurts, but he’s gentle, her first ever boyfriend – first love – first time.


“You’re beautiful, Annie” he whispers afterwards, as they lie in each other’s arms.




When Annie’s Grandma is dying she visits her in hospital whenever she can, stays for hours reminiscing with the old woman who’s raised her in her own special way. So many happy memories of painting pictures, country walks and baking cakes. When her Gran reaches over and takes her hand, and Annie feels cool metal against her skin, she pulls away, curious, and looks down at a gold locket. There’s a photo of a younger, healthier looking Grandma and a young, smiling Annie.


“That’s my favourite photo of all, sweetheart. I’m so proud to have such a beautiful granddaughter.”


Annie almost burns the necklace with the heat of her hand and her eyes well up. She never wears it because it hurts.




He’s so drunk Annie’s positive he’s seeing stars by now but she’s used to it, seen this scenario a thousand times before, now she’s working as a barmaid.


“C’mon luvvie, ‘ow about it, beautiful girl like you, fancy a quickie?”


“As tempting as that sounds, I reckon you should get home to yer wife, John.”


She knows her words are lost on the heavy drinking regular, but with some help she manages to get him off the floor and staggering upwards on the street. She’s about to offer to walk him home but narrowly avoids an ill-aimed advance from the drunken man and stubbornly thinks no way, let the stupid sod do it on his own.





They’re dancing, swaying, joined as one as Annie’s hand slides easily into Sam’s, their cheeks touching as he effortlessly leads the way. She thinks how wonderful this is, how it’s doing strange things to her, how excited she is. She hopes Sam meant it when he looked at her and offered his hand, urging her to come with him. She wishes he’d hold her hand tighter, take her away, anywhere, even just to his flat, so they could be alone and simple and together for just a night, if that’s all it could ever be because it feels amazing when he moves against her and holds her close.




“Hm?” Ask me. Ask me to stay tonight. I will this time. Please.


“You look amazing. I mean – you are amazing. You’re beautiful.”


She smiles. She kisses him softly on the cheek, revelling in the touch she receives as she does so, and she feels beautiful.



Tags: beauty challenge
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