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Senses Challenge by liquorishflame

TITLE: No Sense, No Feeling (a fic set in the Hookerverse).
AUTHOR: liquorishflame (the fire that burns black)
RATING: Blood Red Cortina, Ray/Sam/Gene
SUMMARY:Gene promotes Ray. And look what he's got for a present.
A/N: Something I've had kicking around in my head for a while, finally screwed up the courage to post :/
Dedicated to m31andy for the permission, let's hope she doesn't regret it! :) Thanks saintvic for the beta.
I...kinda disturbed myself writing this, so I'm going to run away and hide now...
DISCLAIMER: Hookerverse is copyright Andromeda and Fionnabair. All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made. Except by Gene and Phyllis.

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right."
-Thomas Paine

'Congratulations you bloody tart! I finally get a DI who I can drink under the table' Ray grinned as Gene thumped him on the back, rolling his eyes good naturedly as he took another swig of his glass of Watney's.
This, had to be the best day ever.

Yeah, Tyler had talked some rubbish a while ago. And there had been that odd conversation outside the Arms with Gene. But he'd not seen anymore evidence of it. Tyler always had been a mad bastard. The bloke'd gone down on him in a public toilet for God's sake!
The Guv was a good man.
The best. Top of the bloody heap.

He smiled as his DCI beamed at him, pouring him some more beer.The man then raised his own glass.

'A toast! To my new DI. He's got his mind in the right place, and his finger on the pulse of the underworld. I expect great things from him.'

He flourished his glass dramatically.

'To Raymond Carling! 'I's brass ones are almost big as mine!'

'Thanks for that lovely image sir.' said Annie, laughing as she wrinkled her nose.

'Might keep you up late tonight eh Cartwright?' said Chris, winking as he nudged his former DS, earning him a well deserved swat from the WDC.

As the CID chuckled companionably behind them, Gene turned to Ray, throwing his arm around his shoulders.

'Hey now Raymondo, I've got a little surprise for you.'

A thrill went through him as the thoughts raced through his head. His own Cortina? Cartwright giving a strip tease? Jane Seymour dipped in chocolate?

'What kind of surprise?'

The Guv winked and tapped his nose.

'Never you mind son. Just give it a few minutes and follow me out the door.'

Eager as a boy on Christmas, Ray waited and then slipped out of the Arms. The Cortina was up front, the Guv in the front seat. He smiled at Ray as the other man slipped into the front seat.

'Hold onto your hat Raymondo, 'cause this is going to blow you away.'

And with that, he put the pedal to the floor, zooming away into the night. Ray laughed, feeling on top of the world. He was DI of the best bloody team in the known world, being driven by his DCI towards some amazing surprise.

They stopped outside the CID. Ray grinned at his Guv blearily.

'What, you got Phillys in there with tassels on or sommat?'

The Guv smiled and Ray felt something like a shiver go through him.
There was something about that smile.
But then he laughed and the moment passed.

'Wait and see Detective Inspector.'

* * * * *

Ray followed him into the CID, past all the desks, the place looking so much more different when it was empty like this.
The Guv stopped in front of his office.

'Here you go amigo.'

Ray walked into the office and froze, his smile fading.

Tyler was strapped over Gene's desk, his mouth gagged. He was wearing black leather pants, and nothing else. His eyes widened, and he struggled against the ties holding his arms down, but froze at a look from Gene, trembling all over.

'What's this Guv?' Ray swallowed, feeling sick.

'What, don't you like it?' Gene's voice was mocking.

'Not your colour? Maybe it's the wrong size? Or perhaps you'dve preferred a kitten.'

Gene walked over to the desk, smoothing his hand down Tyler's shoulder blade. The other man didn't move, but his eyes squeezed themselves shut.

'What is this about Guv?'

'This is about, finishing what you started. You didn't get your money's worth out of my lad here.' Gene laid a resounding smack on Tyler's ass, making him jump.

'I'm not....I don't want it! Him. This is sick Guv, Gene.'

The man turned to him.

'What's that? Did you call me sick?'

There was a menacing undertone to his voice.

'You think I'm some twisted pervert, is that it?'


'Because that's what it sounds like you're saying. I keep this city scum free, and the thanks I get is my DI spitting on my authority.'

'Guv, look, I told you I'm not gay.'

'Yeah, I heard you. And I'm telling you, don't look a gift whore in the mouth. Got it?'

Ray shook his head.

'No, no I'm not doing this. I'm sorry Guv, but I'm going.'

He opened the door.

'Though it would be a shame, wouldn't it? If word about that got out. You and Tyler's touching little moment.' Ray looked back at him in disbelief. Gene smiling as he gently stroked Tyler's back.

'Bet they'd write poems about it.'

'You'd tell everyone I was a poof?'

Gene dug out a carton of Malboro's and lit one up.

'For starters. Then I'd have you kicked off the force. Then, I'd make sure that the only work you could find, would be tinning beans in a factory all day. After a couple of months, when you're tired of that, you could come and work for me. Oh not the way Tyler does, no worries there. Like you said, you wouldn't get much trade. But I can always use a good leg breaker.'

'I'm better then that, I'm more then that!'

Gene walked quickly towards him, stopping when they were only two inches apart.

'No you're not. You never have been. All you are is a dog. A vicious, runty little mongrel that does what it's told, when it's told.'

He could smell whisky on the other man's breath, and it almost made him sick. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

'I thought we were friends.'

'Yes, we were. Until the day you let Tyler tickle yer fancy. You may have convinced yourself that he was talking a load of shite, but I could tell you've had your doubts. Sooner or later what you know would come out. And we can't have that, can we?'

Ray pulled out his warrent card and flung it in his DCI's face.

'I'm not your DI, and I'm not your bloody dog! I'll just go, leave Manchester! Find something in another city.'

Gene just smiled.

'Oh would you now? You'd leave, just like that?'

Ray stood his ground.

'Yeah, just like that.'

'Leave your whole life behind.'

'If I have to.'

'Family, friends...'

He chuckled as Ray's face hardened.

'That Skelton, he's a pretty lad...'

He cocked his head.

'Wonder what it'd feel like to come in his mouth?'

Ray grabbed him by the coat.

'I'll bloody kill yer!'

'No you won't. And you won't have to, if you just accept my present.'

Ray closed his eyes.

'This is'nt happening, this can't be happening.'

He opened his eyes, pleading with him.

'For God's sake, you don't have to do this Guv! I won't grass on yeh!'

'Of course you won't, not after you've buggered the most infamous male prostitute of Manchester.'

Ray shook his head in disgust.

'If I'd had any common sense, I would have never gotten involved in this.'

'You don't, you never have. That's what made you one of my best coppers.
No sense.
No feeling.
Ray Carling, my finest creation.'

* * * * *

Sam had been just about to turn in when Gene had shown up at his door.

'Get on something sexy Gladys, I need you looking good for this one.'

He'd opened his mouth to protest, but the look in the other man's eye'd stopped him.

'The leather trousers I think. Makes your arse look even better then it already does.'

Sam had nodded resignedly, going to the closet and pulling out the item.
He'd dressed quickly as he could, Gene watching him the whole time. It made him feel ashamed and aroused, horribly enough.

'There a reason you can't wait in the hallway?' he'd dared to ask.

'Yeh. Because I said so. Don't ever forget who owns you Tyler.'

I'm not likely to am I? he thought, but knew better then to say it.

Gene'd stopped him from putting on a shirt or socks, just opening the door and wordlessly gesturing him through. They'd gotten into the Cortina without speaking and as they drove, Sam realised that they were heading to the CID. When he'd asked why, Hunt had simply grinned.

'It's a surprise.'

'What's the surprise?'

Gene looked him up and down, smirking.

'You are. Come on, we're here.'

They'd gone inside the building, Sam becoming more and more uneasy. Gene had opened the door to his office, beckoning him in.

'Right then Tyler, over the desk.'

He hadn't wanted to.
But in the end, he'd had no choice.
Now here he was, on display like a Christmas turkey in a Sainsbury's, about to be buggered by his former DS.
Although to his credit, the man was putting up a hell of a fight. Not that it mattered. Sam knew he couldn't win.
Can't win against Gene Hunt.

Ray slowly walked around behind Sam. He could hear the man fumbling behind him.

'Can't I even have a little privacy?' the other man pleaded.

Gene clucked his tongue.

'Come come now Raymond. No need to be shy. Not when it's just us lads.'

Ray gave no reply, but Sam could hear the sound of a zip being pulled, and flesh slapping flesh as Ray wanked himself, his free hand nervously smoothing Sam's belt over and over.

'I can't.' he finally blurted. 'I can't...get it hard.'

'No problem. Just bring yourself over this way.' Gene indicated Sam's mouth. Ray walked around him, a look almost of compassion on his face.

'Doesn't he get any say in this?'

'He's a whore. The only thing he gets to say is what I tell him to say.'

It stung. It shouldn't have, he'd heard worse. But to hear Gene say hurt.

Taking a shaky breath, the DI gently pulled the gag away from his mouth. He worked his jaw, running his tongue over dry lips, but didn't speak. He had more sense then that.

'Well, what're you waiting for? An engraved invite?'

Ray looked at Sam. Mouthing 'I'm sorry', he put his cock in his mouth.

* * * * *

Ray closed his eyes, pretending it was like the last time, pretending they were alone.
Sam wanted to be here, Sam wanted him to do this. They were alone. Alone.
Sam wanted him.

He could feel himself growing hard, pushing against the soft wet tongue, the hot breath on him making him tremble. He could feel the beginnings of an orgasm traveling up his spine-

'Stop that.'

Hands pulled him away, and his eyes flew open.

'You don't finish here. Get 'is trousers down, that's a good lad.'


'Here's something for it, otherwise the friction'll rip off yer ding a ling.' Gene slapped a small bottle into his hand. Ray hesitated.

'Come on, you'll like it. He's tighter then any bird you've ever been with. He can do things too. Things you've never dreamed of.'

Ray walked around Tyler, his mind confused, aroused. Frightened, ashamed.
Now behind Sam, he leaned against the leather clad arse, rubbing up against it. He licked his lips nervously.

'Come on then! Bloody hell, this is takin' longer then a Chinese fire-drill!'

'I'm just, enjoying the view...Guv.'

Willing or not, there was no denying that Sam had a fantastic arse.
But he wasn't just going to bugger him, just rape him. He deserved more then that.
He slowly leaned down and licked his back. Sam shuddered under him, letting out a gasp. He did it again, long and slow. Then, hiding his face with one of his hands, he kissed him. In the small of the back.
Trying to give him one moment of tenderness, of compassion.

Groping between his legs, he could feel Sam was hard. He'd made him hard.
A feeling of triumph overwhelmed the fear, and his hands were unbuckling the belt, wriggling the trousers down until they fell around his ankles.
He slicked up with the stuff from the bottle and thrust himself in.

'God!' Gene had been right. He was tight. Tighter then....he didn't have the words. His hips were moving before he even knew it, working into the other man, again and again, thrusting, flesh slapping flesh, Sam squeezing and gripping him. He was so close...

'Gotta say, the two of you put on a good show.'

Ray snarled at him, not stopping his pace.

'Think I'll join yeh. After all, there's room for one more.'

Gene unzipped and pushed himself into Sam's mouth, forcing it to the back of his throat. He could see he wasn't even giving the other man room to breathe.

'You bastard!'

'Hush now Ray, don't spoil the moment.'

Ray was about to say something when Sam arched his back, muscles rippling under him around him. He threw his mouth open in a wordless shout, coming deep inside him. Faintly, he heard Gene groaning, lost in his own bliss. Coming down from his high, he suddenly remembered Sam's erection, and reached down to stroke it. Sam groaned around Gene, and then he felt him coming all over his hand, in long hard spurts. Gene came a second after that, giving Ray a chance to compose himself.

'Good fuck.' he said as convincingly as he could, zipping up and wiping his soiled hand off in Sam's hair. It made him wince, but it had to look cruel and careless.
The Guv grinned. 'Now you're getting the picture DI Carling. Sides, not like he didn't enjoy himself, is it? All's well that ends well.'

* * * * *

Sam lay there panting and spent, trying to catch his breath, fighting the inevitable feeling of disgust mixed with contentment that always followed sessions like these. His jaw and his arms ached, and his hips too, where the hard wood of the desk had slammed repeatedly into him. Dimly, he heard Gene speak.

'Get Tyler cleaned up and follow me back to the Arms, all right? He can see his own way home.'

'Sure thing Guv. See you soon.'

He heard the sound of footsteps receding and then the door swinging closed. Ray's hands, callused but kind, undid the ties holding him to the desk.

'You all right Tyler?'

The question was so unexpected that he chuckled.

'That's just the sort of stupid question I've come to expect from you.... DI Carling.'

He heard the other man stiffen behind him, then he was slowly eased into a standing position. Ray refused to meet his eyes as he helped pull up his trousers.

'I'm sorry Tyler, Sam. I didn't want to do that.'

'Really? Because my arse says different.' he shot back. Ray looked up then, grabbing his shoulders, shaking him.

'What could I have done differently Sam! You heard what he said he'd do! He meant it! Tell me what I could have done! Please...'

The other man was crying now, letting go of him as he fell to the floor.

'Please, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry Sam.' he whispered.

Tentatively, Sam reached down to touch him, smoothing his hair gently down.

'It's all right. It's all right, shhh.'

In the near darkness of Gene Hunt's office, his two victims comforted each other.
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