Loz (lozenger8) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Mod Stuff - The Senses Challenge

Do you sense danger? Are the sensations too much? Touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing - they're all integral to perception. You must incorporate a 'sense' into your entry. It might be one of the classical senses, you might continue the horror theme and delve into the Sixth Sense. Or maybe your characters just have a sense that something's not quite right.

Please remember - all entries should be posted directly to the community. You can repost to your own journal or another community after the challenge is through. It's fine to link to your 1973flashfic entry anywhere you like, but all entries should be housed here.

This is not quite a two week challenge - entries are due 13th November. Good luck!
Tags: mod stuff, senses challenge
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