Oh Captain, my Captain (oz_the_bobble) wrote in 1973flashfic,
Oh Captain, my Captain

Fantasy by Oz

Title: Fantasy
Author: Oz/oz_the_bobble
Rating: M15+ - Blue Cortina (swearing, drug taking)
Word Count: 207
Notes: My first ever LoM fic. I apologise. Bit of Sam/Gene. Should I really warn about the drink/drugs, given the challenge...?

He shuts his eyes as he punctures his skin. He imagines he can feel the drug inside, filling him up. It's pure fantasy. But an acceptable one.

After all, he lives in a fantasy.

Back home- the thought of that makes his mouth twist, he didn't have anywhere to call home long before the accident- he wouldn't be doing this. If only for the fact that it would destroy everything he'd ever tried to achieve. His relationship. His job. His goddamn fucking life.

What did he have here? He got shoved around by an overweight, over the hill alcoholic who never took any notice of him. He was mocked by everyone around him. Lived in a grotty little flat which was probably haunted by whatever poor bint they'd got to draw on that blackboard. 

The door opens behind him. Even from here he can smell the whiskey. They both have their own ways of dealing with this... after all, who'd want to acknowledge this? This is sordid. And, when he's clean (for just a few moments in the middle of the night) he hates the fact that he can only do this when he's high.

Because it's a fantasy. He's in love, and he can't stand it.
Tags: drinks drugs and danger challenge
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