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Fic: Crossword (Words Challenge)

Title: Crossword
Author: bistokids
Words: 388
Pairing: Gene/Sam
Rating: PG-13 (Blue-ish Cortina)
Disclaimer: No. They are mine. So there.
A/N: Anyone who is still reeling from the shock of unguardedly entering my LJ today, consider this atonement. There is no angst here. ;)

“Outlaw; lawless robber; brigand.”


“Six letters. Come on, Tyler, you’re supposed to be the superbrain round here.”

“Is that a crossword? God, Guv, you must be bored.”

“Yeah yeah. Less of the smart alec remarks. Do you know or not?”

“Um. Bandit?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Easy. I’m surprised you didn’t get it. Need a hand with any more?”

“Sod off.”

(Silence. Gene chews pen. Sam waits.)

“Bugger it. Come on then, Einstein. Social communication between individuals.”


“Nope. Too many letters. This one’s got eleven. And the third one’s a t, if your bandit thing’s right.”

“Oh. Right. Well, it could be ‘intercourse’. Oh, pack that in. It doesn’t just mean what you think it means.”

“I bow to your superior wisdom in the matter, Detective Inspector.”

“Put it in, then.”

“Ooh, Gladys. Best offer I’ve had all day.”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake.”

(More silence. Sam resumes observations. Gene observes Sam, speculatively.)

“Sodding hell. Why can’t they invent a crossword with sensible answers like beer and bastard?”

“Go on then. What are you stuck on this time?”

“Has anyone ever told you you’re a high and mighty little sod?”

“Well, you have. More than once, actually. Do you want a hand or not?”

“Suppose so. Vertical or inclined tunnel giving access to mine.”

“That’s simple. It’s sh…er, are you sure you don’t know this?”

“Strange as it may seem, Tyler, my extensive general knowledge does not stretch as far as a complex understanding of coalmining.”

“Maybe not, but…well no, fair enough. Shaft.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Shaft. Five letters, yeah?”

“Oh. Yeah.”

(Sam narrows eyes in suspicion. Gene smiles pleasantly, returns attention to paper. Short pause. Sam holds breath.)

“Garden flower, in a variety of bright colours, alternative name hearstease.”

“Sorry, Guv. Don’t know much about gardening.”

“You sure? Five letters. Starts with a p.”

“No. Definitely not.”

“How about this one? Four letters. Male bird in classification of domestic fowl.”

“Are you winding me up? Give that here.”

(snatches paper)

“Hang on. Where’s the crossword?”

“Bloody hell, Tyler, do I need to draw you a diagram?”

“Well, no, but feel free if you want to.”

(Long silence. Apart from a certain amount of muffled heavy breathing.)

“Shit that’s good. No, don’t stop, I – God, Gene, what are you doing?”

“Four letters. Disaster or setback. Now shut up.”
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