don't mess with the Pie Ho, oh no! (jantalaimon) wrote in 1973flashfic,
don't mess with the Pie Ho, oh no!

Mod Stuff - Lies Challenge

Sam Tyler? Is secretly a Time Lord.

And that medal he wears round his neck? Is really a cleverly disguised tardis key.

Perhaps you've caught me out on that score. Oops. ;) But that's what this challenge is all about: lies. What sort of lies (and whether it's in the noun or verb sense) is entirely up to you.

This challenge has been brought to you by the inimitable dorcas_gustine.

This is a three-week challenge, so that you can come up with some really amazingly tall tales (possibly in which the truth is given short shrift). Entries are due in by August 17th. Really. ;)

Good luck to all!
Tags: lies challenge, mod stuff
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