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Out of Time Challenge, by Beautybecks

Title: Differences
Spoilers: 2.08 ie: the finale, and also Ashes to Ashes
Pairings: Sam/Maya; Sam/Annie; Sam/Gene kinda; Annie/Maya
Summary: After a failed relationship with Sam, Annie has a car crash and wakes up in 2007.
Rating: Most of it's innocent but there are a few blue/brown Cortina paragraphs.
Word Count: could so easily be 30000+ words as there are 15 ficlets in this, if I had my own way each ficlet would be at least 2000 words, I might do this for Lifein1973 but alack, for the challenge I had to condense it, so it's actually 3500 ish

The First Move: Sam/Maya

Maya is at her desk, typing up her report. She's got a file sitting next to her keyboard, a file DCI Tyler asked for but she's not going to give it to him. No, she wants him to come and get it.

Have you got that-?” Sam begins to asks, his pace never slowing, walking like a man on a mission and it's so typically Tyler it makes her smile. She holds the folder up, parading it, but when he tries to grab it she pulls it away from him. In his attempt to get the file he hadn't realised how close he was to Maya's face, to Maya's everything and he can't breathe for the look in her eye.

Meet me after work, for a drink,” Maya whispers into his ear, “And maybe more.” Sam has to nod, he wants the file.

The First Kiss: Sam/Annie

He's so happy to be back, back in 1973 where everything seems so... alive. He needs to mark the occasion. Celebrate but he's been doing that, drink with half the division but it's not enough. He just wants something to confirm this, make it real, seal the deal because at the moment, Sam's still scared this is all a dream and he's going to wake up. Even if this is a dream he doesn't want to wake up so he needs to do something, to test it, to put his mind at ease. He wants someone to pinch him, he wants Gene to punch him, just something!

Then Phyliss tells him to 'go find her' and Sam's not sure what she means but he could do with a walk, get out of the smoky pub, second hand smoke could well be the death of him but he's prepared to pay that price. Except he still feels like it could be taken away from him, he needs to stay grounded here, he needs to finds some roots.

He finds Annie.

He's kissing Annie in the middle of the street when Gene drives up, all guns blazing, barking orders and Sam can't stop the contented grin spreading on his face, he doesn't want to. He takes his place in the passenger seat at the front, nagging Gene and he's suddenly found his place. Annie is almost forgotten.

Stale Mates: Gene/Missus

How was your day, dear?” she asks, even though he's got a broken leg, black eye and bruises on his stomach which have him wincing every time he breathes, she still has to ask.

Fine. Fine.” he tells her, putting his coat on the back of the chair, the weight of it almost tipping the chair over. “Yours?”

Fine.” she tells him and he nods, even manages a smile but he wishes her day, her life was better than fine only he doesn't know how to go about it.

Good.” they fall into and uncomfortable silence.

What would you like for your tea, Gene?” Gene thinks about that.

I might go out, go to the pub, grab a bite to eat whilst I'm out.” he waits for her response, but he gets none. If she's disappointed she doesn't show it. “If that's alright with you.”

Of course darling, whatever you want.” he winces, but it is what he wants so he picks up his coat and puts it on. He stops to look at her, reaching into his pocket he pulls out a ten pound note and presses it gently into her hand, kissing her on the mouth, he feels like he's paying a prostitute but they're usually paid for sex, not for putting up with him.

Go somewhere special for your tea. Just... enjoy yourself.” then he's gone, leaving her alone.

Letting Go: Sam/Annie

Annie isn't eating the meal Sam cooked for them both, she's just picking at it distractedly. She can see Sam's mouth moving, he's rambling on, talking in front of her, talking at her, but she's blocking out the sound. She can guess the topic anyway.

I am so sick of him treating me like a suspect! I've done nothing wrong! What gives him the right to beat me up every time he gets frustrated? What about me, eh?-” Annie shakes her head, pushing her plate away. “What's wrong?” he demands, but he doesn't look like he cares. Annie looks at him, a kind of challenge in her eyes. Then she begins to leave.

Sam's quicker than her though. He blocks her path to the door, trapping her.

Let me go, Sam.” Sam reluctantly steps aside. “It's obvious you'd rather be with someone else.” She mutters under her breath, so sick of hearing his name. She's tried to ignore it but she can't any longer, rage begins to blind her, so much so she never even sees the other car coming. And then she sees nothing.

Waiting: Sam-Gene

Gene's pacing, up and down, breathing heavy, anxious and helpless, it's not a good look on Gene, Sam observes. Sam: completely calm, sitting down, waiting patiently. When Gene sees him, it rattles him and he grabs Sam by the collar.

This is your fault! I don't know what you've done but it's your fault!” Sam swallows. “She could die and you're just sat there twiddling your thumbs!” He wants to hit Sam, wants to hit him so badly but somehow, he manages to restrain himself. He takes a deep drink from his hipflask, whisky, single malt, the burn so strong it makes his eyes water. He lets go of Sam's shirt and goes back to pacing.

Sam sits back down.

Beginning: Annie/Maya

Annie opens her eyes, all she can see is white and for a second or five she thinks she's dead, but then she can hear the beeping of machinery and she can tell something isn't right. When the doctors realise she's awake they crowd round her, bombarding her with questions. According to the doctors she has concussion, but no brain damage despite the fact she's claiming it's 1973 and everybody else is telling her it's 2007. Annie suddenly has a flashback to when Sam Tyler first entered the department. Annie resolves not to question it, she goes along with the doctor's assessment of amnesia, she's willing to learn.

But she's not fit for-” the nurse tries to argue but the police are being very insistent.

DI Maya Roy-,” she begins to introduce herself but Annie interrupts

I know you...” Annie recalls the name.

We've never met. You were transferring into my department but-”

No... no...” Annie dismisses. “Sam Tyler.”

He's dead.” Maya spits out the words. Maya can tell Anne's shocked and she explains, her words releasing pent up emotions. “all that time spent waiting for him, whilst he was in his coma. I almost gave up on him, I couldn't keep loving someone who was giving me nothing in return,” Not that he gave her that much before, “But his mum, his mum had to believe, she had to, she was always at his bedside. Then he wakes up, only to kill himself. Poor Ruth, she hasn't quite being the same since.”

I'm sorry.” Annie replies sincerely, as Maya quickly brushes away a tear before getting back to business.

That's... I'm here for... work. The car crash...”

I can't remember.” Annie tells her. “Amnesia.” Annie loves using it as an excuse, “Sorry.”

Nothing you can do, and if you remember anything, call us. I don't suppose you remember my number so here it is.” Maya hands Annie her card, both of them smiling. “And I guess I just wanted to see who I'd be working with, I've heard nothing but great things about you. I was determined to hate you.” it's quite obvious that she doesn't and Annie feels light-headed, not just because of the accident. “I hope you can come to work soon.”

Try and stop me!” Annie laughs, she's very eager now. “It was nice meeting you DI Roy.” for some reason Annie finds herself blushing. “Don't be a stranger. You're the only visitor I have.” Maya visits every day after that. And not always because of work.

Those Left Behind: Sam-Gene

The whole station is in morning, Sam observes. Sam doesn't understand. It's as if the whole world has become muted: Gene's been going through twice as many cigarettes as usual and you can barely see him for the grey smoke; his eyes are red, and not their normal sparkling green; he still barks orders but they're the only words he speaks. Gene is in morning and it hurts Sam to see.

They bury Annie a week after the crash, Gene in his smartest suit, he give a very touching speech, it affects Sam deeply. He makes sure to tell this to Gene afterwards, but Gene just shrugs it off, 'the least her could do as her commanding officer', and Sam doesn't know how to respond, so instead he invites Gene to the pub.

A New Home: Annie/Maya

You really don't have to do this, Maya.” Annie protests, stumbling through the front door with a single suitcase carrying all her worldly possessions.

Of course I did, I can't have you wandering off and forgetting where you live.” there are plenty of amnesia jokes but between the pair of them they're aiming to have run out in about a year. “It'll be easier for me to keep an eye on you.” Maya locks the door behind them, helping Annie carry the suitcase upstairs. “It's just the spare room, and it'll do me some good to have company, stop me becoming an old spinster before my time.” Maya wheels the suitcase into the spare room, nipping into the next room to check the answering phone. Annie can clearly hear,

Hello, it's just... me, Ruth, I was just calling, I don't know, I... sorry.” that's the only message.

Ruth Tyler?” Annie half shouts, and Maya comes back into the room, so they can talk properly.

Yeah, she's still a bit cut up. I think she's lonely. I should go visit her tomorrow.” Maya offers selflessly, watching Annie unpack.

Maybe I could go, I've got nothing else to do.” they both mull the suggestion over but then Annie pulls out a pair of guys boxers from the drawer. It takes her a second but then she realises. “Sam's” she puts them back in the drawer and puts her stuff in a different one.

I suppose you think it's freaky, storing the underwear of my dead boyfriend.” Maya's often thought about throwing them away but she's never been able to bring herself to do it. Annie understands, and decides to lighten the tone.

Well, what better way is there to remember a guy?”

Epiphany: Sam-Gene

Gene Hunt is an arrogant, bully, self-centred, Neanderthal of a man who drinks far too much alcohol and smokes like a chimney. He's the sheriff who sacrifices his own needs for the city, racked with self-doubt and so scared of crossing the line. He's a man who abuses Sam, mostly more verbal than physical now a days, and then after that he agrees to try things Sam's way. He's a complex, confusing enigma.

Sam realises, staring at Gene who's half asleep, head propped up against the bar, eyelashes fluttering closed, then open, then closed, even stubborn when he's this pissed... Sam realises that he wouldn't have Gene any other way.

Dinner and a Moment: Annie/Maya

Ruth is round for Sunday lunch so they've actually bothered to cook. Both of them are quite good at cooking but neither of them enjoy it much so they've come to an agreement. They mostly live off canteen food anyway but this is for Ruth so they've gone to the effort. They'll be eating Sunday lunch for days.

Of course, they miscalculate the timing of the meal, so they've got vegetables cooked, and roast potatoes, and mashed potatoes, but the meat is still cooking in the oven. Ruth laughed when they told her, saying it was fine and she'll eat whatever they give her so they sat down at the table and dished out the food. Maya had gone to check on the roast beef 5 minutes later.

Go after her.” Ruth nudges, making Annie blush but she follows Ruth's advice.

Have you gotten lost?” Annie teases, a smile on her face. Maya laughs.

I guess,” Maya admits. “I'm just happy.”

Well, it's a good emotion to get lost in.” Annie replies, feeling just as happy. She's got a great job, now they've allowed her back into work, she's got great friends, admittedly most of them are from work but they're her friends too, and Maya. Annie stops a little at that, trying to find a label for Maya: not simply a colleague, more than a friend, and 'house-mate' barely even covers it. She feels like home and that's not just because she took her into her house, but into her heart too and during this internal monologue she's surprised to be brought back to reality by Maya's lips pressing gently against her own.

It's surprising but not unwelcome. Annie finds herself kissing back, kissing with force, her hands pulling Maya closer, desperate for body contact as Maya's hands sneaked under Annie's blouse, caressing soft skin and they both try to pull apart, remembering where they are and that they've got Maya's ex-boyfriend's mum in the next room.

Wow.” Annie exclaims.

Yeah.” Maya agrees, both of them smiling. It's as easy as that, nothing more needs to be said.

A moment Denied: Sam/Gene

Gene's drunk, that's nothing new. But he's so self-destructive, it scares Sam half to death. He needs to keep Gene alive, but he doesn't know how.

My fault, Sam. Bastard got away with it and it's my fault.” Gene slurs. Sam doesn't see the logic. He got away because he was a slimy git, Sam can't see why the jury believed that low-life scum over Gene but it's not Gene's fault.

Come on, Guv, let's get you home.” Gene shakes him head, the movement almost dragging him off his seat.

She won't understand. She's nice to me, and I'm nice back to her but she doesn't get it. She doesn't get me. This city doesn't trust me. I try so hard Sam and what is it all for?” Gene's trying to fight back tears and it's starting to cause Sam's own.

You get results!” Sam never knows where he's stands with Gene. He spends half his time trying to change him, half his time trying to reassure him that he doesn't need changing. But Gene needs the reassurance. “We need you.” Sam pauses, before continuing softly. “I need you.” He places a soft kiss on Gene's lips but Gene pushes him away, out of fear.

There's no need to talk about it, Sam's not sure if Gene even remembers it. but tomorrow, they're back to being enemies.

In his Boxers: Maya/Annie

Annie stretches like a cat, slowly coming back to the concious world. She's fully aware of the grin on her face and it makes her laugh. She can feel the satin sheets against her bare skin and they feels good, she likes this bed a lot better.

Good morning.” Maya whispers pressing a kiss against Annie's neck, down to her breasts and Annie's already having trouble with coherent thought.

Very good morning.” she agrees, her words coming out in short pants as Maya flicks the nub of her left breast. “What a way to wake up. What a way to go to sleep.” Annie smirks as she remembers the last night.

It's your own fault. You looked so hot in that little dress you wore to celebrate your promotion.” Annie shivers a bit, she loves being a DI but Maya's quickly turning it into a kink. “You didn't seriously think I wouldn't take advantage of you?” Maya teases, kissing Annie's stomach now, making Annie's hips buck upwards and the anticipation is fantastic.

I was hoping you would.” Then Maya reaches the cotton of Sam's boxer's, Annie's boxer's now, and damn but the thought of Annie naked wearing nothing but boxer shorts... Maya can't help but moan as she pulls the boxers down.

In his thoughts: Sam/Gene

Sam has to close his eyes as Gene's fist connects with his stomach, causing pain that is achingly similar to the most amount of pleasure he's ever had. Sam's eyes are darkened and whilst everyone else may presume that's due to hatred, Sam knows differently and he suspects Gene does too.

Gene pulls him in close, shouting at him but Sam's not hearing. His other senses are on overload though, touch, scent, feel, sight, they're all working they're all drinking Gene in, like Gene drinks the whisky that's on his breath. Savouring it, delighting in it, addicted to it.

Gene is screaming at him now, Sam can feel the spit spray his face and he closes his eyes again. But to stop the spit going into his eye isn't the only reason and he knows he's a kinky bastard but he's tried to stop it and he can't. He needs Gene and he'll take whatever he gets. It's never enough.

After the fight, Sam stays in Gene's office, trying to catch his breath and will himself back to appearing normal. Gene usually retreats to the pub, then off home to the missus. Sam goes home to no-one.

Wedding Bells: Annie/Maya

Annie can see why this is supposed to be the happiest day of a woman's life, because it is, at least for her, and judging by the look in Maya's eyes it's the same for her too. Annie rarely thinks about her old life, before Maya, but she's suddenly struck by what a sight this is: Two women, one mixed race, one white, but they're both so happy. That's the first thing people recognise, not gender, not race, but the happiness. Or maybe that's just the kind of people Annie's been lucky enough to find. Annie doesn't take it for granted, she doesn't take anything for granted and that's why, when life does turn out so good, it feels even better.

The vows aren't flowery, but said from the heart and that's the most important thing. The service isn't fancy, just close friends and family. Annie can spot Ruth on the first seat, watching them with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes and Annie decides to give her a big hug after the ceremony, she's like the mum she never had. This is the life she always wanted, even if she never knew it until it happened.

She kisses Maya to a chorus of spectators, awwing and sniffling. Even a few of the guys and Annie's certainly going to tease the chief after this, suspecting the party afterwards will give her even more ammunition For the first time in her life, Annie has a real sense of belonging, of purpose and as a result, sheer, unadulterated bliss!

Parting of Ways:Sam-Gene

Is it right?” Sam asks, having avoided the question all day, too afraid of the answer. “What Chris and Ray have been telling me?” Gene shrugs, draining his pint.

What have they been telling you?” Sam smiles, just because it's Gene but then he remembers the point and swallows, the words not wanting to come but he forces them.

That you're upping sticks to London. And you're taking them with you?” Sam waits with baited breath. Gene takes his sweet time.

Yeah.” Sam can feel his world fall apart.

You're leaving your city?” The words come out strangled and what Sam really means is 'You're leaving me?' which is a stupid question since they've never even really...

I've spent too long here, Sam. I've become part of the scenery. I need a change. To do something new, and meaningful.”

'This is meaningful!' Sam wants to scream but he grits his teeth, swallowing convulsively and says nothing.

Besides, I know it'll be safe in your hands.” It's supposed to be a compliment but instead of filling Sam with pride it makes him want to cry. “I've got no reason to stay.”

'You've got ME!' but Sam just nods, and wishes him good luck, they even drink to it.

And when the day does come, Sam doesn't drag it out, he doesn't see the point in long goodbyes. Apparently Gene does though, it takes him several hours to say goodbye to half the people in Manchester so it seems. Then he drags Sam up and forces him to say goodbye. And this is the most Gene's ever hurt him but Sam says nothing. Gene pulls him into a bear hug, almost crushing him and Sam finds himself wishing Gene would crush him to death because that would be the humane thing to do.

Gene withdraws from the hug and leaves for London, Chris and Ray following like puppy dogs, wagging their tails. Sam stays in Manchester. Alone.


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