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Puppet Challenge-Shadows And Flame by liquorishflame

Title: Shadows and Flame
Author: liquorishflame
Rating: Blue Cortina for disturbing imagery
Summary: How do you wake up from a dream, when you're not sure if you're even asleep?
A/N: I wracked my brains, and came up with this. Hope y'all like it :)

Her sing song voice woke him up out of a deep sleep, a diver moving to the surface.
‘Sam, you have to wake up.’
She looked at him solemnly, her red dress almost black in the darkness, smoothing the yarn hair of her clown. He rubbed his eyes as he sat up in bed.
‘I am awake.’
‘No you’re not. Still in the dark, by the fire. Looking at the wall with the shadows.’
Sam blinked. This was making less sense then usual.
‘Aren’t you supposed to taunt me, to make me feel worse about my life?’
‘You’re already worse Sam. Sicker and sicker. They’d have to drag you out, kicking and screaming.’

She pointed to the window and Sam could see a light outside, getting brighter.
For some reason, he found it terrifying. The light devoured the room, the windows, his bed. Crept slow/quick across the floor towards the girl.

‘It’s coming Sam. The never ending light.’
Sam shook his head.
‘No, no I don’t...stop!’
She turned to him just as the blinding blankness touched her, pulling her into it’s void.
‘You don’t want it to stop Sam.’
Sam reached out his hand to stop the creeping whiteness and watched in horror as it vanished into the brightness.

Sam was in his bed, bolt upright, shaking and shivering. He looked at the clock and groaned. He’d only been asleep an hour. Sighing, he fell back onto the mattress, trying to get some more rest, but knowing that he’d just toss and turn until morning.
What the hell had it all meant?

Sam yawned widely as he walked in the doors to the CID.
‘Not much sleep Boss?’ said Chris sympathetically.
‘Not really Chris.’ said Sam, rubbing the back of his neck.
Chris passed him a couple of biscuits.
‘Here ya go, something to eat’ll make you feel better, that’s what Mum says.’
Sam smiled as he bit into one.
‘Cheers Chris.’ He munched on it as he walked to his desk, and leafed through his reports, taking some with him as he meandered towards the cafeteria.
As he sat at one of the tables, drinking some tea, Annie walked up to him, smiling.

‘Look at what the cat dragged in.’
Sam gave her a small smile back.
‘Bad night?’
Sam nodded.
‘Yeah, nightmare. The...there was a girl who told me I was in the dark by a fire, looking at shadows on the wall, and then everything was sort of...earased by a... bright light.’
Annie tapped a pen to her lips, looking thoughtful.
‘Sounds familiar sir...hold on. Yes, we studied this in psychology. It’s a theory by Socrates.’
Sam raised an eyebrow.
‘You studied philosophy as part of your psychology course.’
Annie nodded smiling.
‘Yep. Anyway, Socrates student, Plato, wrote all his philosophies down, and one of the most famous one was The Allegory of the Cave. The idea was, there are people, trapped, chained to a cave wall, watching the shadows of puppets by firelight. And that represents the world, the material world, which isn’t truly real. That it’s just a copy of the real world. And if one of these prisoners was to be taken out of the cave, and into the light, he’d be blinded at first, but would start to see the real world around him. Only...’

She paused and looked at Sam.
Sam gestured. ‘Go on Annie, this is really interesting.’

‘...Only he wouldn’t believe in what was truly real. He’d still believe that the cave was the real world. That only through time would he understand that the cave was a delusion, and that this world was real.’
Annie bit her lip.

‘I think your subconscious is trying to tell you something.’ she said softly, and left Sam looking thoughtfully into space, frowning.
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