Milly (wiccagal_1996) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Fortune challenge~wiccagal_1996

Title: Beginners luck
Rating: Green Cortina
Words: 1045
Pairings: Sam/Gene
Spoilers: None
Summary: Sam's a smarmy sod....
A/N: Just daftness...

Gene's stalking up the station steps, foul mood in full swing, with Sam following close on his heels. He's in less of a bad mood, what with him not being the one who's just been drenched in pissed person vomit.

Gene doesn't half know how to pick his moments. When will he learn not to shake someone who's so obviously drunk off their arse?

Sam's got no sympathy, although he'll be the one cleaning that sodding coat. Gene's never done a load of washing in his life and he's probably not gonna start just because someone's decided to sick up all over his beloved bit of clothing. Nice.

Gene's a few steps above Sam when Sam spots something glinting in the afternoon sun. Bending to retrieve it, he sees it's a penny.

Gene sees Sam's stopped and is stooping. Curious, he backtracks until he's on the step directly ahead of Sam. Sam straightens and smiles at him which just serves to tick him off further.

"What you so bloody 'appy 'bout?"

"Find a penny, pick it up and all day you'll have good luck"

Gene snorts, shakes his head and sneers at Sam, "You're a complete bloody girl, you know that?"

"Aww Genie, don't be grouchy, just 'cos you smell off week old cat litter"

Gene lunges forward but Sam's too fast and ducks under his arm, giggling. Holding the penny between two fingers, he offers it to Gene, "Pass it on to a friend and your luck will never end"

Gene bats his hand away and walks off, muttering under his breath about 'poncy prissy arsed DI's'. Sam chuckles, shrugs his shoulders and pockets the penny.


Gene's pegging it, hell for leather after some little scroat with Sam coming up behind. Said little scroat turns, swings out his leg and trips Gene. Gene ends up on his face, kissing tarmac while Sam vaults him and carries on the chase.

Gene rights himself and watches as Sam takes a flying leap towards the git and floors him with a toe in the lower back.

Sam reads him his rights, getting it word perfect for once, and drags him back towards a still smarting Gene.

"He got the drop on you"

"Did not"

"Well, didn't get the drop on me, did he?"

"Smug shit"


They're in a bookies, Gene's followed a snout in and is trying to get him to cough up the location for an armed blag going down in the next couple of days.

Sam's twiddling his thumbs and watching the screens, listening to the pundits spouting nonsense.

Finally managing to get the info he wants, Gene turns back to Sam and nudges his arm, "You fancy a flutter?"

"We're on duty and you're a damn fool if you waste your money on this rubbish"

"Aww come on Gladys, let's test that penny theory of yours"

Sam rolls his eyes an sighs, "Fine, whatever. Here..." He hands Gene a crumpled fiver "...stick that on 'Twinkletoes' to win"

"Trust you to pick a fairy soundin' horse"

Gene has a look at the listings board and sees that Sam's nag is a twenty to one outside shot, "You can't be serious! That's wastin' ya money"

Sam simply nods towards the counter and points.

Fine, he wants to throw away good money, that's his choice.

Gene opts for a better bet and picks 'Lost in translation' who's only a three to one but has the best looking form.

They wait for the race to start and Gene finds himself gripping Sam's arm tight enough to crack bones. Sam's horse is flying past every other animal on the track but Gene's is lagging so far behind, the announcer's stopped bothering with his position.

Sam's animal romps home, netting him enough beer money for a weeks worth of piss ups and Gene's has to be shot after falling at the last hurdle. Bastard.

Gene turns to Sam who's got his eyebrows in his hairline and there's a smug smirk threatening.

"Dumb luck"


"No, not luck, circumstance, just circumstance"



They've ended up in some seedy back alley arcade. Gene's got himself yet another collar, this one's been trying to evade capture for at least half an hour but he's like a terrier with a rat when it comes to getting his man.

Finally Gene tricks him into running straight into Sam who sweeps his legs out from underneath him. As the blagger wiggles like a fish out of water, Gene turns, lights a ciggie and whacks a couple of pennies in the one armed bandit flashing away behind them.

It eats his money and he swears, loudly. Shuffling round in his pockets for more coins, Gene continues to feed his hard earned wages into the machine until Sam loses his rag, "Guv! Might like to give me a hand here"

"Oh. Yea sorry Sammy boy, forgot 'bout him"

"Real professional you are"

Gene moves to cuff the little sod's hands behind his back and Sam stands, wanders towards the same machine Gene's been playing for ten minutes and sticks a penny in the slot. Yanking the handle down, Sam crosses his fingers and waits for the pictures to line up.

Gene's mouth falls open as he hears the jackpot jingle go off and Sam starts piling coins into his pockets.

"I warmed it up for ya"

"Course you did"



Finally, they've finished for the day. Gene's gagging for a pint and Sam's got plenty of cash to flash so he drags him out the office.

They're on their way to the 'Arms when Gene hears a car screeching round the corner.

It's been a particularly rainy day, even for Manchester's standards and there are puddles all over the road.

Gene turns just in time to feel the spray from a Ford Capri hitting him full in the face. It drenches his hair, his coat, he thinks it might even have gone down to his bloody socks and pants.

He hears Sam giggling behind him and growls a warning but Sam can't stop it.

He turns, sees Sam holding his sides and biting his lip and frowns, causing muddy water to slide between his eyes and off his nose.

"You still got that penny?"

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