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Betrayal Challange by liquorishflame

Title: Taking Nothing On Trust
Author: Me
Spoilers: 2.08, small but crucial ones
Rating: Green Cortina
Summary: You reap what you sow....
A/N:Sam got off too easy.

'What's this?' Gene says quietly.

Sam looks up and then leans back in his chair as far as he can, fear and startlement pushing him backwards.
Gene is standing in front of him, so angry that he's practically giving off radiation.
In his hand is a folder baring the small red initials M.A.R.S.
Sam groans.

'It's...look Guv, Gene, I can explain-'
Gene violently throws the folder in the trash can beside the desk.
'Explain? What's there to explain, DI "Williams".'
Sam winces. 'Thats not who I am.'
'Oh really? So who in the seven circles of HELL wrote the bloody thing!'
Gene stares at him, looking for an answer.
Sam holds up his hands, trying to sooth his Guv.
'Look, look Gene, it's complicated...'

And Gene snaps. He grabs his DI and pulls him close. Sam braces himself for a punch in the face or the stomach. But instead,
Gene pushes him away.
'You're not even worth the effort.' He glares at Sam, breathing heavily, then nods to the door.
'Get out.'
Sam can't believe what he's hearing.
'You deaf? I said GET OUT!' Gene is roaring.
Sam stands, uncertain. Every eye in the room is focused on him and Gene. He reaches to the desk to gather his things.
'Leave it.'
'Don't you dare! You are NOT my officer, not anymore!'

Gene holds out his hand.
Sam looks at it, and for a second, has the bizarre thought that Gene wants him to shake it.
But as Gene beckons with his fingers, Sam understands.
Face burning, he digs into the pocket of his jacket.
But instead of putting it in Gene's hand, he slams it down onto a pile of papers, causing a miniature avalanche.
Sam's warrant card lies on the desk as he stalks out of the CID, banging the door open as he leaves.
Tags: betrayal challenge
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