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Enclosed space challenge

Title: Face to Face
Author: Neuralclone
Rating: White cortina
Word count: 188 words
Notes: Set in a lift, somewhere in Manchester, pre- and post-series.

With a shock I recognise him.

He gets in the lift, pushes the button for the sixth floor, and stands beside me. Facing front, I eye his profile. I know that face.

After all, I used to see it in the mirror every morning when I shaved.

My younger self looks so ... young. It's like having a photo in an old album come to life and walk around. I can't help making comparisons between the two of us. His skin is smooth where mine is lined, cheeks round where mine are hollow, his hair brown instead of grey. Sam Tyler is fast and fit and as smart as the suit he's wearing. He has his life all mapped out, and it's going to plan. Mine has been, well... lived.

Stupid bugger. I almost feel sorry for him.

I get out the lift one floor before him and allow myself a smile as the doors close behind me. In the end, there's a lot to be said for experience. Age and guile, age and guile... And walking away, I leave him to his future, and to my past.
Tags: enclosed space challenge
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