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Enclosed Space Challenge by Gems1984

Title: Belief
Pairing: Gene and Sam mainly but with a little Annie and tiny bit of Chris.
Rating: I am guessing this but Green Cortina, there is a swear word but nothing too nasty,
Word Count: Just over 1000 I think...
Notes: I hope I am not stepping on anyones toes posting on here, I love all your stories, really this and Railway Arms have inspired me so much on the LOM fics front.  Your challenges are fantastic so Mods whoever you, you are geniuses!   I hope I am getting the gist of the challenge as well, I thought of a enclosed space but could only think of one..... 
Setting: Sam has just gone slighly mental....literally....

Chris offered Annie a cup of tea, in some way some sort of comfort as to what was happening, but her numb body would not take it, instead she pushed it aside, her blue tearful eyes meeting Chris’s. He nodded placing the cup and saucer down gently on the coffee table in front of her. Annie stood and walked down the corridors to the cells, to one in certain, she flipped open the hole and gazed inside.

“You can’t believe them Guv,” Sam pleaded, sitting on the floor his knees against his chest

“I don’t know what to believe,” Gene snapped, pacing the floor, “I have always known you to be a bit of a funny ‘un, but this just would take this biscuit if it didn’t make sense.”

“You believe them,” Sam sighed sadly,

“What I believe them over my DI? My DI who came in all lost and confused but turned out to be cocky and darn good policeman? The man who figures things out quickly and always moans on about procedure that much that I am sure he eats for breakfast and shits it by dinner. The man who backed me up the bloke her puts me down, the bloke who likes a good whiskey, the bloke who stands up to me, the bloke who became my friend?” Gene ranted slowly still pacing the floor, he gazed over to Annie’s tearful eyes and he could not help but feel pity.

“But turns out this top bloke I know and trust, thinks he is from the future,” Gene said sadly, his voice thick of emotion, “And that makes me think whether he has cracked or he has always been nuts?”

“Guv please,” Sam pleaded,

“No Sammy boy, what disgust me more is that you put poor Annie through this madness as well.” Gene said kicking the wall

“Its not madness! it’s the truth! Annie believed me, well I think she did,” Sam said softly, picking at his nails.

“I did, until today,” Annie said softly, opening the door and entering, hearing the door thump shut and locks bolt loudly, making her flinch.

“Annie,” Sam sighed jumping up and going to her side, he tried to put a hand on her arm, but she moved away, “Why did you say those things to us Sam?”

“I was angry, this investigation is going down the drain can’t you see it? Its screwed,”

“Only cos you screwed it!” Gene shouted, “You had a bump on the head and started rambling how inept we were and the fact you were from the bloody future! Nice way to front an investigation and our staff to have faith in us!”

“Well I am sorry!” Sam shouted, “I was telling the truth,”

“You take that back Sammy boy, I got two quacks waiting out there to take you away if you keep saying that!” Gene yelled, taking Annie to the door.

“No wait!” Sam pleaded.

“No you wait! You keep on saying you are from the future then you will have no future at all, the physciatrists are here and ready to take you away to an institution, Sam!” Annie shouted, pushing past Gene, her hands going to Sam’s face, “Why can’t you just believe you are here? Why can’t you just live for the moment?”

“Because I would be living a lie,” Sam sighed

“I am a lie? Is that what I am to you?” Annie asked, tears strolling down her face,

“No Annie, no, I don’t know,” Sam struggled to keep his emotions in check but he would burst in to tears.

“Cos if you think I am a lie, tell me and I will go, I will leave you here to the docs where you will be locked up in an enclosed space forever, living your truthful life happily. Now tell me living in institution or living here with us, which one is the best option for you? But I forgot it’s a lie compared to your 2006, but you will soon realised it isn‘t Sam, it isn‘t” Annie said softly but firmly stroking his cheeks and hair.

“Annie” Sam sighed, but she did not answer instead she turned and walked out the door that Gene held open for her, she did not look back. Annie leaving without a goodbye hit Sam like a thousand punches from Gene and he slid down the wall to his knees again.

The door slammed shut, Sam and Gene were on their own again, “Sam,” Gene sighed, sitting beside him, he pulled out a flask of whisker and passed it to Sam. Sam smiled and took as swig as Gene pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lighted it, “Tell me what to believe,”

“What do you want to believe?” Sam asked,

“That my DI is not crazy, that he had a bump on the head and it caused concussion, to go back to the belief that you were a bit weird at times, but you were a good copper. I want to believe that you were a good mate, that you had a fancy for that bird copper of yours, that we were a good team, that you are not mental, in no need of institutionalisation, that we could go back to normal even if it’s a big whopping fat lie.” Gene said, looking over to Sam who gawped back, “I have told many lies Sammy boy, this won’t be the easiest but it won‘t be the hardest either.”

Sam gazed around the now smoke infested cell, the light from the only window casting rays through the grey cigarette air. He gazed to the door and at the cell around him, trying to make some sort of sense of what to do, but he couldn’t, he was trapped even without a cell. He knew he was Sam Tyler from 2006 not 1973, he had to find a way back but through a mental institution was not the way to do it. There now had to be a Sam Tyler 1973, there had to be some soft of belief there was or he was going to be getting used to enclosed spaces. He sighed handing back the flask to Gene “Then I believe what you believe.” Sam said softly

“Good lad Gladys,” Gene said firmly, taking a swig of the flask then handing it back to Sam, “Good to have you back Sammy boy, good to have you back.”

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