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August 21st, 2010

Title: The More Things Change (The More They Stay the Sam)
Author: chamekke
Rating: Blue Cortina with a tinge of brown around the edges due to possible hint of dub-con. But mostly it's just silliness with a few swear words.
Word count: 5,125.
Note: This is for the meta challenge, although I have to warn you that the crack quotient may outrun the meta quotient. Oh hell, what am I saying... they're running hand in hand together through a field of daisies.
Special thanks: To Janni and Andy, for holding the elevator for me.

When Gene opens his mouth, weird things happen. Maybe it's because he's stinking drunk... or is Sam just getting the wrong meds again?

Meta Challenge - COMPLETE

Thank you kindly, ladies and gentlemen, but the Meta Challenge is now complete. Huge thanks to all who participated, and you can find their lovely entries here.

Stay tuned, the next challenge shall be posted shortly!

Sober Challenge

Next up on the challenge docket is the Sober Challenge. Which, let's face it, is quite a challenge in canon, isn't it? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, may of course involve struggles with sobriety. Fancy some AU!Prohibition-era Gene running a different kind of wild west operation? Write it! Or maybe it's just that instantly sobering look on Frank Morgan's mustachioed face that's spawned a rampant idea in your brain. You can write that, too. Interpret as you like within our two week time span. This is a two-week challenge, and entries are due by 4 September 2010.

Everybody booze up and riot! Er, wait, wrong challenge. ;)


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