July 12th, 2010

Mod Stuff (LoM Flashfic/Icons)

Mod Stuff

The apology challenge is over, you may view the entries here. Thanks to those who entered!

As an aside, moderators discussed the possibility of extending the timeline to three weeks or a month for challenges. On the whole, the consensus was that this is supposed to be flashfiction, and more time wouldn't necessarily benefit the comm (size doesn't matter!) But I am curious as to your opinions? Do you think having more time for challenges would increase your likelihood of participating?
Mod Stuff (LoM Flashfic/Icons)

Mod Stuff - The Politics Challenge

As m31andy phrased it, this challenge is about "big P politics, office politics or councillors sticking their nose into police business. Mmm. Nice."

(In the name of full disclosure, I said, "OOOOH! a politics challenge would rock da house.")

Basically, get political!

Because, seriously, how brilliant would a Gene-in-the-future fic be with him and Sam discussing Cameron/Clegg? BRILLIANT, right?