June 12th, 2010


Holiday Challenge, No More Worries for Me and You by Chatroom People

Title: No More Worries for Me and You
By: The people from the chatroom aka lozenger8 , fern_tree, bastardlyarmed, amber_mel, talkingtothesky, chamekke, thedrumsarereal ♥ you guys!
Art by fern_tree , who put in heaps of effort and delivered beautiful art on short notice! ♥ for that!
Beta: xiilnek , lozenger8
Word Count: 5550 words.
Warning: Allusions to sexual child abuse in first ficlet
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Mod Stuff - Apology Challenge

This challenge was suggested by the ever-wonderful lozenger8.

They say that 'sorry' is the hardest word to say. I don't know, I've always considered "antimacassar" to be unpronounceable. But this challenge is all about apologies. Who in CID finds it easy to apologise, who finds it difficult? Will Sam ever apologise to Annie for groping her chest?

This is a two week challenge and entries are due by June 26th.