February 25th, 2009

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Valentine Challenge, The Psychosamatic Consortium, Red Cortina

With thanks and apologies to the mods. I'd've at least posted before close of 24th in London, except both my laptops stopped talking to me. I suspect it was some kind of commentary, to be honest. But, with a kind of fanfare (and no sniggering at the back) may I present:

TITLE: My Funny Valentine
AUTHORS: m31andy, cuvalwen, and jantalaimon
STYLE/WARNINGS: If you're familiar with our other works, you'll already know this can't possibly end well. *coughs* My, that's an awfully red Cortina you've got there. Sam/Chris. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. A tale told in the alternative Psycho!Samatic Cycle story arc. It's not strictly necessary that you read that first, but it would help a lot. ;) And, personally, I'd advise at least reading those warnings first…
SUMMARY: It's that most treasured of holidays amongst most lovers. What to get for that special someone? It's so difficult.
NOTES: Written for the "Valentine" challenge at 1973flashfic, because how could we let that challenge go unanswered when we've clearly got so much to give? *halos all round*

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