October 7th, 2008

mod stuff

Mod Stuff, Own Devices Challenge

Hello all! I'm happy to report that this community has awakened from its short slumber to issue the following challenge: own devices.

Now, does this mean Chris has been left to his own devices, and we're catching up with a day in the live of a div? Or maybe it means that Sam is having trouble choosing amongst his own devices in 2006, or that if the iPhone had existed when he jumped in 2007, he wouldn't have jumped at all for love of such a shiny device?

It's all up to you. Let your fingers and keyboards and minds travel where they may. This is a three-week challenge, to allow everyone ample time to participate in both this and Porntoberfest other challenges to do with LoM. Entries are due on 28th October, 2008.

Enjoy! >:D