April 12th, 2008

Sam smiles from the window

April Fools Challenge-liquorishflame

Title: Picnics, Saturdays, and Clichés
Rating: Brown Cortina for language and seeexxx
Author: liquorishflame (meee!)
Spoilers: Nothing comes to mind :)
Summary: Sam decides to take Gene on a romantic picnic in the woods and makes Gene feel a bit foolish :) Gene/Sam
A/N: Unbeated smuty angora fluff. Not my fault, this is draycevixen's bunny. She complained that she needed to see Sam and Gene getting their sex on. I jokingly replied 'Sam, Gene, picnic, strawberries, chocolate syrup. Need I say more?', to which her reply was mostly 'YES!' So here it is. :)

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