January 25th, 2008

mod stuff

Mod Stuff - Old Challenge

This challenge is so old, it's got whiskers and a cane.

That isn't to say it's been done before---it hasn't. Or has it? Your assignments, should you choose to accept them, are to tell us all about it in your writing. Could be an old, comfortable pair of shoes. Could be an old, comfortable pair of driving gloves Gene has only and will only ever wear when behind the wheel of his beloved Cortina.

Could be some time-travel involved, with an AU-Sam crashing back into angsty-canon-universe Sam in 1973 after having stolen the Delorean used in the actual filming of Back to the Future as part of the Tyler Family Crime Empire, and the chaos that ensues as old encounters new.

Of course, this is all old hat to you by now, I'm sure. This is a two-week challenge, and entries are due in by February 8th, 2008.