January 9th, 2008

Andy Name 3

Amnesty 2007 (4) - Drink, Drugs and Danger Challenge by Andromeda

TITLE: Misunderstanding
AUTHOR: Andromeda
FANDOM: Life on Mars
RATING: Brown Cortina, slash: Sam/Gene
WORD COUNT: 1,430 words
EMAIL: fiandyfic@livejournal.com
AUTHOR'S NOTES: More smangst as a sequel to Miscommunication. Or rather a very little bit of smut, and quite a bit more angst. Sorry! We're still in amnesty over at 1973flashfic (I hope), so this has been written for the Drinks, Drugs and Danger Challenge. For dorsetgirl and mikes_grrl, who was sure I wouldn't rise to her challenge. *cue evil laugh*
DISCLAIMER: Life on Mars is copyright Kudos and the BBC. All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made.

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