November 14th, 2007

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Mod Stuff - Beauty Challenge

God damn right, it's a beautiful day.

Not always. Not even often, in the Life on Mars world. Our heroes deal with ugly situations, with deformed methods. But sometimes, when the light is catching the green of Gene's eye, or Sam's shirt is open, or Annie smiles, or Ray and Chris are playing with their torches like young teens --- there's beauty there.

Of course, you could always make it all about Gene mocking Sam's skin care routine, but try and add some beauty into your fics. This is a two week challenge - entries are due by 27th November, at which point we go into Amnesty.

This challenge brought to you by my winamp shuffle.

Five Times Annie is told she's beautiful.

Title: Five Times Annie is told she's beautiful.
Author: totallywow
Rating: Green Cortina
Pairing: Annie/OMC, Sam/Annie
Word count: 527 words.
Disclaimer: Not mine, dammit.
Summary: Five times Annie is told she's beautiful.
A/N: Un-beta'd, so if you see a mistake.. please tell me! I think I got the rating ok. There is a small sex scene but definitely not explicit stuff. Not my usual! This is for the beauty challenge.

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