October 17th, 2007

Andy on Fi

All Hallows' Eve Challenge - Andromeda

TITLE: The Northwich Horror
AUTHOR: Andromeda
FANDOM: Life on Mars
SUMMARY: Life on Mars, as retold by H.P. Lovecraft.
SPOILERS: All episodes, small ones for Ashes to Ashes. AU.
RATING: Red Cortina for horror
WARNINGS Character deaths, purple prose and horror themes.
WORD COUNT: 2,050 words
EMAIL: fiandyfic@livejournal.com
AUTHOR'S NOTES: The plot of the cataclysm is based on the BBC Docudrama Threads, which scarred me for life when I watched it as a very nervous eight-year-old. With apologies to all concerned. This was written for the 1973flashfic All Hallows' Eve challenge. With many thanks to darthfi and cuvalwen who checked this over for me.
DISCLAIMER: Life on Mars is copyright Kudos and the BBC. Threads, copyright the BBC. All Rights Reserved. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made.

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